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Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers out there, be them biological, adopted, spiritual and/or Divine. To quote a very spirited Homily given by a visiting Deacon, "Any man can be a 'daddy', but only a REAL man can be a 'father'!" Make sure to take some time today to thank all of the father/Father-figures in your life, for they often do tremendous work with little recognition--truly humble people.

Speaking of humility, St. Mark writes in this week's Gospel message of the humble beginnings of our Church. While God the Father could have very easily sent his Divine Son to perform abundantly flashy miracles, Jesus could have spread the Gospel to everyone without the aid of sinfully imperfect men, He most certainly could have raised Himself from the cross as the crowd heckled Him to do... God's gift to the world came in a very humble package. Born in an animal's dwelling to a poor young virgin and a carpenter foster father, growing up not in a noble family but a commoner's, making an honest living working with His hands, and humbly obeying God's will as he suffered on Calvary, Jesus shows us that life is not about riches, or power, or flashiness. It's not about having the sweetest ride, or the newest gadgets, or living in the most primo neighborhood. It's about having enough humility to live simple lives, and to help those who struggle to meet the most basic of needs. It's also about joining together in fellowship to spread the Good Word.

This Saturday, June 23rd, one of our lovely YAG members will be heading to Star Community Home to help them build a community garden. If you're interested in joining her, please email us ( to confirm your participation. The Home can only accommodate one more volunteer, but we should be offering Garden Days in the future as well (along with other activities there like Tasty Thursday!)

The next day, on Sunday June 24th, we will be having a Wine and Cheese Social after the 5:15 Mass--If you don't have any immediate plans after Mass, we welcome any and all of you to come join us for a beverage and some tasty snacks, because that's WJWD (What Jesus Would Do), right?! Let's channel the spirit of Jesus and his Disciples kicking back, enjoying some vino, and chatting about life as we're in the company of our priest, Fr. Ken, our seminarian, Tom, and our YAG Leadership Team. Learn about upcoming events, and provide feedback on how you would like the group to grow!

As always, if you have any ideas about future activities, and/or wish to lead a particular event, please let us know!

Our prayer this week is that we all examine our lives and our Faith, honoring its humble origins. Take some time this week to help someone and spread the Gospel in deeds and in words. Of course, let us continue to pray for those who experience difficulty in their lives.

May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shin upon you. Have a humbly rewarding week.

Blessings from your Young Adult's Leadership Team,
Christina Bellino Sullivan, Courtney O'Hagan, Paul Boyer, Greg Sirotek, and Jonas Malalang.

YAG Garden Day
Saturday - June 23, 2012 - 10:00 AM

One of our generous young adults will be spending her Saturday late morning/early afternoon at Star Community Home helping them build their community garden. The Home can accommodate one more volunteer, so if you are interested in this activity, please email Christina at to confirm your participation. No gardening experience necessary--just come with an open mind and prepare to get dirty!

Contact: Christina Bellino Sullivan ,

Wine and Cheese. It's good for the soul. YAG: Wine and Cheese!
Sunday - June 24, 2012 - 6:15 PM

No plans immediately after 5:15 Mass? Come join us in the Parish Hall for an evening of fellowship involving some delicious beverages and cheese. Have a chat with Fr. Ken, Tom (the Seminarian), and your fellow Young Adults! Stay for as little or as long as you want, and if the Spirit moves you to bring a snack to share--or even a friend--by all means! We hope to see you there!