Anchors away in windswept Cornwall!
BOO! In prep for the spookiest day of the year, Nikolai, DaVinci and myself have been visiting some very "haunted" places in South West England. On our recent trip down to mystical Celtic Cornwall, we stayed in the ancient village of Lydford at the 16th Century "Castle Inn". The Inn is situated next to a spooky Castle ruin which once hosted a gruesem court, a dungeon where the prisoners were held and a hill where those found guilty were publically "hung and quartered".

Although we didn't see anything, I am sure that some restless souls perhaps still haunt that hill and the Inn next door ;)
DaVinci & Nikolai standing guard at Lydford Castle
In Cornwall, the boys got to visit the 4500 year old Stone Circles where ancient rituals once took place and where it is rumored the Druids still meet-up on full moon nights and the Solstices.
Nikolai building sand castles at
On the way back to Oxford from Cornwall, we stayed at one of England's most haunted Pubs - the Jamaica Inn - the secret gathering point of Pirates and Smugglers of the mid 18th-19th Centuries. Many a mystery and murder took place here. Indeed its eerie tales inspired Daphne Du Maurier's epic novel "Jamaica Inn" which was then turned into a thriller film by Alfred Hitchcock.
The haunted bar of the Jamaica Inn and Nikolai and DaVinci getting spoiled with breakfast sausages - a daily treat from this very pet friendly Inn.
"WOOF! We wuff the Jamaica Inn!"
We stayed at the haunted Jamaica Inn in Cornwall and survived!
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Happy Alpen Schatzi's

Check out some of the most recent happy customer pictures both sent to us as well as tagged on Instagram feeds! Thank you for sharing your pictures! We love all of our Happy Schatzi's :)
Hallo Mary Dawn!

Sorry for a late reply. We have been here in Switzerland one month now and enjoying life- especially Henri!

He is enjoying his new collar and getting many compliments 😊
Sharing some photos of him here (one photo on the train and some photos in our backyard).

Thank you again for the wonderful product and customer service! ❤️

We bought our Entlebucher Mountain Dog a collar from Alpen Schatz for her first birthday. She just turned 15 and the collar is the only one she has ever had. Cally’s colors may have faded, but I swear that collar still looks practically new. Bright red with shiny cattle :). We just got a brand new Entle pup, and can’t wait to get her her first Swiss collar too!
Yes, thank you! :) Maverick will be excited for his new Swiss tag!
Have a great day-
Mom is one step closer to being #bernerobsessed 😂 I am now the new proud owner of a traditional #swiss collar! At least I am twins with @huxley_and_elias ! Thank you for the collar #alpenschatz 
All about Daisy’s jewelry, not mine! Best dressed Park Avenue Gongju! #alpenschatz #swisscollars
Noon! Wake up Lazy Lady Daisy! I’m such a bad mom and role model 💤🌼💤 #sleepydogsofinstagram #alpenschatz #koreandogsofinstagram
Here are my beautiful dogs Hartley & Rafiki, I’ll be sure to send you a picture of them wearing their new Traditional Swiss collars, I’m sure they will look stunning.

Kind regards,

Rachael, Siddington, England
 Hi Mary Dawn,

Just to let you know that the collar and lead safely arrived in London yesterday and both Juno and I are absolutely thrilled with it!

Attached is an image of her looking very smart! I have also tagged you in a couple of Instagram stories

Thank you again for the seamless transaction!

Have a lovely weekend

Alex, London, England
Holiday adventures! #alpenschatz
Showing off my new Alpen Schatz collar and leash #swissgoodies #mamaisbackhome #pugmodel #alpenschatz
Showing off my new collar from Alpen Schatz Dog Collars sent all the way from Colorado U.S.A. #vizsla #hungarianvizsla #dogs #pets #dogcollars #velcrodog #pointers #love #saturdays #vizslas #alpenschatz #vizslasofinstagram #vizslasofinstagram101 #vizslagram #ilovemyvizsla #collars
When the mamas go to the BMDCA Speciality Show they come back with awesome traditional Swiss collars from #alpenschatz and fresh baked dog treats. Now my bff @beaufort.the.berner and I can cruise around town together in style 😎 #bernerextraordinaire
Here are some of our favorite pictures! 

We are excited to do a family photo with both of our chocolate labs in your white brass Swiss dog collars. Instead of the puppy getting a new collar she’ll inherit are older dogs older Swiss color from you and our older dog will get the brand new one. :)
Thanks for your note.
We are hunkering down over here and these toys will be perfect for our son, David. He was "with us" before he was born on our last trip to Switzerland and we can't wait for COVID-19 to end and get back. My little one will love them!
All the best-
"Herd mentality"
Playing around with Trauffer Swiss Cows - Richard, Oxford, England
Beauty deserves a new collar! French poodle wearing Swiss collar. #alpenschatz #shesabeauty #poodle#ludiepoodle #love#littlethingsmatter
Wearing it proudly - Dijon’s new swiss collar - thank you.

Sarnus got a new collar and name tag! Still to big, but just had to take a picture 😉🐶🐾🇨🇭#puppylife #gsmd #greaterswissmountaindog #swissy #cedarcoveswissies #alpenschatz
Look what I got from @alpenschatz today!! A handsome traditional Alpen Schatz Swiss collar with a cow bell, and mom has a matching bracelet! Very fun store!

We love seeing our happy customers - especially those furry ones! Please EMAIL us pictures of your beloved pet or yourself enjoying your Alpen Schatz bling and we will feature you in an upcoming Newsletter and on our Instagram @alpenschatz and Facebook Page Alpen Schatz Boutique., We will also add you to our Alpen Wall of Schatzi Fame on Flickr, featuring thousands of our Happy Schatzi's from over the years.

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Sending you lucky rainbow wishes from Land's End!

Mary Dawn, Nikolai, DaVinci & the Alpen Schatz Team