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The Great A merican Read W inner Announced    

With little to no surprise, To Kill A Mockingbird took first, but how did the rest of your favorites do?


After months and months of voting the people had their say, and while To Kill a Mockingbird was not too shocking as a winner, many of our loyal customers and employees were surprised to see Outlander take second prize. The top ten was then rounded out by the first Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, Gone with the Wind, Charlotte's Web, Little Women, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Jane Eyre. We've got the entire top ten in stock and most of the list available for you to either read again or experience for the first time. Curious about the entire list? Just click here to see the final ranking of this historic vote.

A November to Remember is Coming!   
Now that the spooky season is just about over, we're ramping up to have a great November! We've got events planned all month!

Saturday, November 10th
Join us as we celebrate play! We'll be giving away prizes, playing games, talking about toys and having all kinds of fun all day!

Saturday, November 17th
The holidays are coming and you know you need to get the best games for your kids (and yourself!). But how do you pick them? Have no fear; our games expert, Bookie Karla, is bringing in the experts from the game creators to show you the best new games for 2018. They'll be showing you how to play the games, letting you try them out, and answering all the questions you have.

Saturday, November 24th
It's our biggest day of the year! We'll be having a huge group of authors and artists out to tell you all about their books as we kick off the holiday season.

Fresh Ink

Stephen King
What's Halloween without Stephen King? His newest offering is a novella about hate, acceptance, fear and, of course, death.  
Molly Know Ostertag
This follow-up graphic novel to last year's hit, The Witch Boy , picks up right where the first left off. Aster is still considered 'weird' by those around him--which, for a group of shape-shifters and magic-practicers, is really saying something. But his unique witch abilities make him stronger and more special than anyone can guess.  
Jeff Kinney
This marks the thirteenth installment in the adventures of our favorite wimpy kid, Greg. Could it be a lucky number for our hero as his school shuts down due to a giant winter storm? No. Of course not. Because within moments the entire neighborhood becomes a snowy warzone.    
There's a lot of talk in our world right now about walls and what they mean. In this charming picture book, we see the dangers of walling yourself away from the world and the potential help and love that may lie out there for you.
The Epic Adventures of Huggie & Stick
Drew Daywalt, David Spencer
From the man who created 'The Day the Crayons Quit' comes a hilarious new picture book. Our stars are a hostile stuffed bunny and a silly stick. You know it's going to be a good time with a creator like Daywalt behind it and the lovely art of David Spencer.

I Lost My Tooth! (Unlimited Squirrels #1)
Mo Willems
He's back and he's brought a bunch of new friends with him! The man behind Elephant & Piggie and so many others we love has started a new series! In this first volume, Zoom Squirrel loses a tooth and hilarity ensues.

What's Coming Up at The Bookies?
As you can see below, we have a ton of fun events coming in November & beyond! Click here for our Events Calendar on our website or check our Facebook page to RSVP and find exact times.  
November 10th: National Neighborhood Toy Store Day  
November 17th: Gamesday with The Bookies   
November 22nd: CLOSED for Thanksgiving  
November 23rd: Still CLOSED for Thanksgiving 
November 24th: Small Business Saturday  
While we're sure you know all about our incredible education specialists in the store, did you know that one of them, Bookie Tonya, is a professional tutor? Well she is and she's one of the best. If your child needs just a bit of help, Tonya is a great resource. Email her above and let her help your child get to where they need to be.