October 2020 Edition
Marketing Tips to Stay on Target
Electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM

We found this great blog from Hotech (hotel technology) about the eWOM, which we summarized for you. It is something we all do and so do our prospects:

We are all familiar with the term Word Of Mouth (WOM), which is defined as the oral form of interpretation of interpersonal, non-commercial communication among friends. With the advancement of the internet and technology, a new way of WOM has surfaced for quite some time now, and this is electronic Word Of Mouth (eWOM). eWOM refers to comments made by potential, actual, and former customers via the internet. These two types of marketing, seeing something funny or interesting and then sharing around with your friends, are the two oldest ways of advertising for each platform.
Neilson research tells us that 92% of consumers worldwide say they trust recommendations from friends and family above anything else, and 46% of people get influenced in their future purchase decisions. Sometimes, it does not matter how effective your marketing campaigns are because a couple of bad reviews online can destroy all of your marketing efforts. We all look at the bad reviews online when considering an online purchase.

While the traditional WOM and eWOM have some similarities, there are several dimensions on which they are different:
  • eWOM possesses the speed of diffusion
  • eWOM included multi-channels of spreading the information
  • eWOM doesn’t need to be exchanged at the same time when all the communicators are present
  • the design of eWOM is more attractive and attention-grabbing than the traditional WOM
  • the volume of eWOM is much larger
  • eWOM is almost always available online, even over time

Keep in mind that good eWOM is credible, and dishonesty will bring your business reputation down.

eWOM can be encouraged through different publicity actions and by using opportunities to engage with your customers. Always value their opinions and express this directly, especially in our technology times, where anything can go online!

Stay Safe, don't touch your face, and keep washing those hands!


~ Allen Jernigan, CEO
My Marketing Department, Inc
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