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Participant Spotlight
Meet Team 1 in 5 Depend on Me! Passionate educators Lisa Hamilton (left) and Shannon Suess (right) have teamed up to take on the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Half Marathon, December 3, 2017, in support of IDA.  Please show your support by making a donation and sharing the link to their page so that others can do the same!

Have You Taken the Challenge?

Dyslexia Awareness Month is coming to end! Take the ZYX Challenge to raise awareness and funds for teacher training, information, and support for the more than 10 million students struggling with dyslexia in the US. 


Take a Hike

National Take a Hike day falls in November! Organize an afternoon adventure and fundraiser with family, friends, and co-workers. Offer to provide goodie bags or bagged lunches for 
$15 donation per person!

Afraid of Running in the Dark?
As Daylight Saving Time approaches, running in the evening becomes more challenging. 

Stay safe on your night runs by running with a group; facing traffic; wearing bright, reflective clothing; and listening to music at a low volume or with only one headphone. It is so important to rely on all senses and remain aware of your surroundings when running in the dark! 

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