Halloween Crafts!
Reuse that old milk jug for a fun Halloween craft with the kids  (or grown-ups too!)

Learn how to make several simple crafts  here!
Meet Dairy Farmer Shayna Stevens!
At  Carter and Stevens Farm in Barre, MA the motto is: 

"Make our family farm your family farm."

Read more and get to know Shayna and her family's farm!
Start Your Morn ing with  Pumpkin!
It's prime time for pumpkin picking and we have some great ideas on how to incorporate those fall flavors into breakfast!

WATCH:  Our dietitian Heidi Harkopf makes Pumpkin Pancakes and 
Ginger-Pumpkin Oatmeal on CBS-Hartford in Connecticut!

Click here for pumpkin pancakes recipe.
Click here for ginger-pumpkin oatmeal recipe.
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