Treat yourself Today- Last chance for Rotary bulbs
A fond farewell to Judy and MicroMainea, as she moves on to other adventures
Bath Farmers Market
October 31 2020
Good luck and success to Judy Hughes of MicroMainea. This is her last week at the Market; she is closing the business and moving on to another venture. Although micros are increasingly common, for many of us Judy was our first intro to real understanding and use of these tasty, nutritionally loaded little morsels. She and her faithful customers regularly shared recipes and ideas for use. She was one of the initiators of our Pairings events midwinter. We will miss her very much. Below, her farewell.:
At the end of the month of October 2020, MicroMainea will be retiring from growing micro greens for chefs in restaurants, catering facilities, and valued customers at farmers markets and moving on to another adventure.
Our business was created in 2009 with the support of family on PEI and friends on Westport Island and the State of Maine.
Early in our business we served chefs in restaurants from Portland, Falmouth and Freeport – later to Westbrook, Brunswick, Bath, Boothbay and beyond.
But the Farmers markets were where we found our fun time meeting customers – sharing life stories and bringing smiles to one another. Both Ann Springhorn, the artist of the beautiful cards and I thank all of you. Special thanks to Carole Dunbar and her grandson Justice for the support they gave vendors at the Bath Winter Farmers Market for their Pairing Tastings.
No doubt we will meet again as customers of the Bath Farmers Market.
Luscious sweet potatoes, pumpkins and more fall specialties at Goranson Farm: and congratulations on their photo op at the end of the current New England AAA mag, a stunning shot of Mike in the fields.
Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables

dharma Farm
Goranson Farm
Hawkes Farm
Mindful Gardens
New Roots Farm
Oyster Creek Mushroom Co
Pleasant Pond Orchard
Tarbox Farm
Impressively robust Napa cabbage at dharma; the winter cabbage is pretty hefty too.

Baked Goods

Beryls Pastries
Borealis Breads
Chase Farm Bakery
Stewart & Reid (gluten free)
Worth being in line at 8:30 AM, crunchy oatmeal raisin cookies at Hootenanny

Meat & Poultry
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Kelley Brothers Beef
Mainely Poultry

Emily's Oysters
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Check the board at Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood - or call and preorder by Wednesday noon


Goranson Farm
Mainely Poultry
Shepherds & Such

Cheese & Dairy

Appleton Creamery
Chase Farm Bakery
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Hahns End
Variety IS fuzzy Udder: here, Pumpkin spread, Romano, Tempest - something for every occasion
Preserved and Premade

Gracies Garden
Jyang_Lee Kitchen
Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
A fresh batch for stocking up: make your winter bright with family recipes from Jyang_Lee - last day today.
Handcrafted, Homegrown

Big Barn Coffee
Goranson Farm
Mana Medicinals
Mindful Gardens
Pleasant Pond Orchard
Shepherds & Such
Sisters Soap (at Appleton)
Vendors shifting

Jyang_Lee Oriental last day is 10/31; returns in May

Mindful Gardens May be here this week, Mare notes she "will be at the market on November 14th, November 21st and possibly November 28. updating our facebook page: mindfulgardensmaine
and our instagram page: mindfulgardens; ready for preorders on November 6th.. Order online for pickup at the market, the farm in Bowdoinham or the workshop in Wiscasset. We will also be shipping any orders."

Vendors leaving end of November to return in May

Hahns End
Hawkes Farm
New Roots Cooperative Farm


Jeff at Stewart & Reid is still out

Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood is moving over to the slot next to Chase Farm for the rest of our time outdoors.

Music is suspended indefinitely in accordance with state guidelines.
Good Morning,

We are hoping for nonscary weather this week. Chilly is OK, sunny is best. Always bring a wrap now - the breeze off the river is sharp. .
Meanwhile, remember that some vendors are leaving soon.

Jyang_Lee is done for the winter on 10/31. Angela is running "stock up " specials, come ready to grab at least one of her special 3 packs and those delicious sauces, they are pantry staples for moi

Mindful Gardens will be here on select dates in November - see the note below for more info.

Hahns End will be here as long as we are outside, thru November, and as long as they have cheese. They will be out of the Winter Market, returning in May.

See you bright and early,
Regal ornamental Kale at Hawkes Farm - brighten your front yard - it laughs at the weather

From our vendors -Sales, Seasonal, Specials

Dan at Big Barn Coffee has a new Medium roast sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Described as ''smooth and creamy, with notes of berry and caramel", with an enticing aroma, i hope you'll try it soon.

Fuzzy Udder has a good supply of both fresh goats and cow's milk ongoing now. And new out front is their Romano, just longing for your pasta dishes.

Beryl is currently featuring her seductive sliced Apple tarts with Mango glaze. Nice and light, little to guilt about!
Relishes and Salsas to partner your favorites at Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Oyster Creek had nice Shiitakes, and some very pleasant Maitakes last week. As we head for soup and stew time, be ready with some of their richly flavored dried 'shrooms for full flavor and depth in your broths.

Pan d' Arancia (Orange Tart, but it all sounds more enticing in Italian) at Alchimia, is just the treat you need to celebrate the mystery of the Blue Moon as we shift seasons

Hawkes offers easy ways to warm up your fall beds: mums galore, striking kales; and for inside, brilliant Christmas Cactus and everlastings for your home.
Awesome flavor, seductive texture, Fig Walnut Rosemary Muffins at Beryls
At Old Narrow Gauge the selection of preserved goods grows weekly. Choose now from original, mild and hot Garden Salsa, or Amy's well balanced relishes: Sweet onion, Dill and Wild Blueberry.

Boost your circulation with Turmeric Tonic from Mana Medicinals; Anna suggested it for my cold feet one rainy day! Very nice flavor, and it boosts many other systems as well.

Appleton is low on inventory so ordering ahead is absolutely key to getting your Olive Oil marinated chevre, or one of the logs.
Just a few Grilloumi left as well. Go to to order.
Brighten your day with Ferments and Kvasses from Gracies Garden

At Gracies Garden it's easy to eat the rainbow. Their fresh garden taste, innovative pairings and jewel tones brighten up your table on dreary wintry days.

Two fabulous greens for salads and braising- Leafy radicchio at Tarbox, and perfect Frisee at dharma. Fall feast time!

Pemaquid had halibut and swordfish for a lucky few last week - order ahead here too to make sure you get what you want. go to Call 350 7054 to pre order by Weds noon.

Maine Harvest Bucks Here for SNAP shopping

Maine Harvest Bucks are available to SNAP users, offering a 100% match for other SNAP purchases to buy produce. Get them at the info table, open 8:30 to 10.

CSA, Buying Plans - Winter CSA runs November through April.
You can use your summer share funds as long as they last into fall and winter. talk to Jeff about farm pickup after he leaves.
Tarbox will be at the winter market..
CSA runs as long as we are out side, not in winter market.
Emily's Oysters & Kelley Brothers Beef
Both offer winter availability. Kelley is in the winter market. Emily isn't but will arrange for pickup/delivery.

Bellissima - radicchio to love- try some now! At Tarbox Farm