October 2019 Newsletter

Here at Montauk Distilling we love Halloween!
It's the perfect time to showcase our lineup of spirits
and have a little ghostly-good fun.

So if your in the mood for something a little Boo-zy
on October 31st...here's a couple of
frightfully delicious suggestions!
Dark & Scary

Pour equal parts apple cider and hard cider into a
black sugar rimmed ice-filled glass and top with
Sunburn Cinnamon Flavored Rum to taste.

Witches' Blood Gin & Tonic

Pour 2 oz 71st Regiment Gin and 4 oz tonic water
into an ice filled Halloween glass.
Add pomegranate juice to taste.
Finish with a splash of fresh lime juice.
*Have pomegranate available for guests in a beaker
or other Halloween themed container.
*Ice cubes made of tonic water glow under black lights!

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Did you know?

The "bon" in bonfire is actually a reference to bones. In pre-Christian Ireland, November 1st was known as Samhain (summer’s end). This date marked the onset of winter and the end of the pastoral farming year, when cattle were slaughtered. During Samhain, priests lit large fires to represent the sun returning after the hard winter. They would throw the bones of cattle into the flames, creating a "bone fire."
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