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October 26, 2012
Happy Halloween
It's that time again where little ghosts, goblins, witches, fairies, and other delightful creatures will be zigzagging back and forth in our streets looking for their treats...or tricks.

Please drive slow and be on high alert.
Keep our children safe once again this holiday season.
Lea Schizas
MuseItUp Publishing

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A Hallowe'en Tale
by V.L. Murray
An ancestor's execution for witchcraft and Hallowe'en collide when friends find themselves caught in a ripple in time. 

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It's the most exciting night of the year in their town, as Olivia and friends prepare for the annual Hallowe'en celebration

When the teens set off for the party, Olivia's mother asks them not to take the rural back lane to the old southern mansion where the event is to be held. Ignoring her mother's request, they find themselves crashing into trees in the near darkness before reaching the rear grounds of the mansion.

When a gallows suddenly appears out of nowhere, the teens realize they may be about to witness a hanging. Could this be the ghost of Olivia's ancestor? The one executed for witchcraft? Olivia's stubborn curiosity overwhelms her friends' fear, and she leads them into an adventure the teens could never have foreseen when they encounter a glimpse into history.



Butcher's Knoll
by Jonathan Fortin
You can only visit Butcher's Knoll once-no matter what, or who, you leave behind. 

 Price: $2.50
You Save: 20% LIMITED TIME



Butcher's Knoll is an isolated town that you can only visit once: as soon as you leave its borders, you will lose all memory of having come to it, and will never be able to find it matter what-or who-you left behind.

Years ago, Maxwell Cruncher came to town as a child, seeking refuge from his abusive father. Now, as an adult, he is hated by the townsfolk-including the woman he loves. But leaving town will mean losing all memory of half his life. His heartbreak is only exacerbated by the arrival of the Goodwins, a happy couple whose nighttime pleasures become legendary...and who Cruncher becomes desperate to separate forever.



False Pretences
by Rosemary Morris
Annabelle runs away from school into the arms of a charismatic gentleman...but can she trust him to help her? 

 Price: $5.95
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Five-year-old Annabelle arrived at boarding school fluent in French and English. Separated from her nurse, a dismal shadow blights Annabelle's life because she does not know who her parents are.

Although high-spirited, Annabelle is financially dependent on her unknown guardian. She refuses to marry a French baron more than twice her age.

Her life in danger, Annabelle is saved by a gentleman, who says he will help her to discover her identity. Yet, from then on nothing is as it seems, and she is forced to run away for the second time to protect her rescuer.

Even more determined to discover her parents' identity, in spite of many false pretences, Annabelle must learn who to trust. Her attempts to unravel the mystery of her birth, lead to further danger, despair, unbearable heartache and even more false pretences until the only person who has ever wanted to cherish her, reveals the startling truth, and all's well that ends well.



Lucky Says Hello
by Peter Cimino
During the mobster-ridden, politically corrupt era of the 1930's, it was difficult to tell "good guys" from the bad. 

Price: $2.50
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Pete Carissimo, known to his friends as Big Pete, is a successful Sicilian immigrant businessman and politician in New Jersey. He has connections, associations, and relationships in all walks of life-including a clandestine partnership with the notorious mobster, Charles "Lucky" Luciano. Pete vows his alliance with Luciano is strictly related to business, that he is not and never will be a gangster. However, in the fall of 1931, he finds his stellar reputation, successful business, and budding political career facing ultimate ruination with his secret allegiance on a head-on collision course with exposure. Backed into a corner, Pete is faced with becoming something he vowed he never wanted to be; a real gangster.


The Nightmare Project
by Jo-Anne Russell
Julia Montgomery takes fate into her own hands, but will her plans fall apart as her mind shatters? 

Price: $5.95
You Save: 20% LIMITED TIME

When Julia Montgomery's mind, body and soul become the rope in a tug-of-war between the living and the dead, there is nothing she won't do for the right side to prevail; if she only knew which side was right.


Happy Endings or Sad: When, if ever, is Poor Writing Good?
by John B. Rosenman

In our writer's group, we have a woman writing a chicklit novel. Basically it's about four or five career girls/women scheming and conniving to meet Mr. Right, variously called "Mr. Success," "Mr. Wallet," "Mr. Hunk." Their goals are clearly defined, pragmatic, predatory, and ruled by self-interest. After all, some of them are past thirty and their biological clocks are ticking. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Getting a man, preferably a rich, successful, handsome man isn't everything, however. A couple of the main characters want to cling to that man's coattails to get promoted and climb the corporate ladder. Still, landing a winner is the main thing, as indicated by the novel's title, which I will leave to your imagination.

This is the first novel of this kind I've read, and it's been an eye-opening experience for me. Besides the efficient man-hunting plot, the writer (I'll call her Laverne) is superb at describing cosmetics, furnishings, and the various bric-a-brac of these women's daily existence. When I go to a party or enter a dining room, I rarely notice what the place settings are or what people are wearing. But Laverne is great at describing silverware and tablecloths, bathroom fixtures and shower jets, 900 different types of flowers and Dior Toffee eye shadow. I wouldn't know peach highlighter from Mango Shine lipstick at gunpoint, but Laverne excels in such areas.
How to Help Kids Discover Quality Books
by Kathy Sattem Rygg

I'm wearing two hats as I write this post-one as an author who writes middle grade books and another as the parent of a middle grader. I've had many conversations with moms surrounding the question, "What are some good books for my first, second, third grader, etc.?" Most of the time, parents answer by suggesting well-known series featured at major retailers. But I'd like to help parents and grandparents realize there are so many additional resources for quality children's books.

Most adults obtain their news from multiple sources-newspaper, TV, and online sites. Children should obtain reading materials in a similar manner. Purchasing books from a local retailer and visiting the public library are important places for your child to find reading material. However, the online world has opened up limitless additional places to help them discover quality books.





The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy

Book One in The Shadow of the Unicorn Series

by Suzanne de Montigny

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy


A loud, hissing sound filled the air. The unicorns looked up, their eyes filled with horror.

Azaria, a unicorn colt, is intrigued when the young clairvoyant dinosaur, Darius, foresees a terrifying change in the world. When a giant fireball smashes into the earth, the unicorns struggle to survive the hurricanes and starvation that follow. Danger of a more sinister nature threatens when the creatures-that-walk-on-two-legs settle in the valley and their leader, Ishmael, discovers the healing power of the unicorns' horns. Azaria, now a young stallion, must use his wits to save the herd from complete extinction.



The Stonehenge Scrolls

A Novel by K.P. Robbins

Genre: Historical Mainstream Fiction

Over four thousand years after it was built, Stonehenge continues to intrigue, attracting a million international visitors every year. Now ancient scrolls unearthed near Dublin reveal the secrets of Stonehenge and an archaeologist blogs about their meaning in this compelling first novel. Based on known archaeological discoveries, The Stonehenge Scrolls spins a tale that could just possibly be true.

Myrddin, a kind of prehistoric engineer, supervises the hauling of giant stones that will be used to build a new monument at the Sacred Circle, an astronomical site long revered by the five clans in the territory. He also fathers a daughter, Sulis, born on the day the sun rises highest in the sky.

Her auspicious birthday foretells greatness, and Myrddin becomes smitten by the little girl with red hair, the sign of a Monument Builder. The precocious Sulis learns about the healing qualities of plants from her grandmother, Ogwyn, the clan medicine woman, and cures the impetuous young chieftain Gwyr. But she has her own ideas when it comes to the Sacred Circle.

Is the oral history recorded in the scrolls plausible? In alternating chapters of The
Stonehenge Scrolls,
archaeologist Maeve Haley's blog cites the evidence and speculates on the meaning of Stonehenge.  




The Girl and the Dragon

A Novella by Alice Roelke

Genre: Tween/YA Fantasy

Adella, a slave, can hear the thoughts of animals.  Her enemy Brast torments her on the manor of Sir John where Adella is a slave.  Adella's life is only worth living when Dragon comes to stay-Sir John's dragon, very large and frightening to most people, but not to Adella.  Dragon is her dearest friend.


When Dragon does the unthinkable to protect Adella, the two must flee for their lives.


Disguising herself as a boy, Adella seeks work-and she and Dragon get caught up in a battle.  They survive and become heroes.  Then, horrible news: the nation's beloved king that Adella feels strangely drawn to has been infected by the Green Plague.  If he dies, anarchy will spread through the kingdom and create war.  And most of all, Adella will lose the man she's begun to care about and wants to trust with her secret.


Adella and Dragon set off on a quest to find the plague's forgotten cure.  Danger and adventure await-along with trolls, shape shifters and secrets beyond her wildest dreams.  But time is growing short.  They must find the cure or the king will die...



Concilium: The Departure

Concilium the Series

by Michelle K. Pickett

Her nightmare is back. And it's back for her.

Six months ago Leslee's life was turned upside down when she was hunted by the Cruor Imbibo, other dimensional creatures invading the human dimension. Now they're back, and no one knows why. But it's clear - they're out for blood.

Working for the Concilium, Miller was assigned to protect Leslee the first time the Imbibo entered her life. He saved her life and stole her heart. But when the Imbibo left, so did Miller, ripping Leslee's life and heart apart. Now Miller's back to protect Leslee and rekindle their broken romance. But Leslee makes it clear; she wants no part of him or his romantic advances.

Thrown together despite their tense and sometimes hostile relationship, Leslee and Miller fight to uncover the reason the Imbibo have returned and end their killing spree. Because if they fail, Leslee is next on the Imbibo's hit list.

Stay out of the dark. The Imbibo are back.



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Reader Reviews


The pace is fast. The plot is intricate and well conceived. The characters are immensely likeable, and the villains are despicable. Above all, the writing is excellent in its control and freshness. My kind of book!

You'll love this twist on the classic! Handsome, confident, a touch arrogant, Prince Orlando thinks that now he has found Sleeping Beauty, his kiss will wake her at once. When it does not, he realizes he has much to learn about life, and love.rnrnPrincess Rosie, trapped in her enchanted sleep, dreams of a mysterious man. Is he a rescuer, or a nightmare? She must fight to recover herself, and all before Christmas, for time is running out before the hundred-year curse is up and all are lost. Tutored by the watcher, Orlando is a good student, for his prize has become quite dear.


A Heap of Trouble by Lorrie Unites-Struiff 

Everybody in town respects and likes Sheriff Cole Walker. He does a good job keeping the peace in the little Kansas town. Things are going along pretty easy until three things happen: Mattie Wells moves to town, rustlers start snagging JJ's cattle, and a ringtail monkey decides Cole is his BFF. After all that, well, Cole's in for a heap of trouble. This is a funny tale of a mixed up lawman. He's fallen for Mattie, can't get rid of the monkey, and the rustlers elude his every attempt to track them down. Throughout this tale, you're laughing at the monkey's antics. But you're also wondering, along with Cole, why Matty says she likes him, then blows him off. And just who is stealing the cattle? Lorrie Unites-Struiff has a knack for putting together humor, romance, and danger into a solid tale of the west. Don't think you like westerns? Think again. You'll definitely enjoy this book. I did.

An excellent short story about what war does to soldiers. Well-written, gritty, close up and personal.
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