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Octobers Spooktacular Halloween Newsletter
Happy Halloween everyone. We hope you all had a wonderful October I know we did. This month has kept us busier than we are normally are, with my daughter getting ready to move into her new condo her, Erik and I have been patching, painting and putting up shelves to prepare for moving day. During work hours we've kept busy by, caulking tubs and showers, repairing doors, painting, staining, organizing garages (which you'll see below), building gates, installing storm doors and much much more.
Tip of the Month

This Months tip isn't a major undertaking, in fact you could argue that this is the easiest tip we've ever put in a newsletter. However, that also means it's one of the most forgotten pieces of maintenance in the home. This coming month we implore you to check/change your furnace filters and call your HVAC specialist for a routine check up. 
During the winter month of the great white north we close our homes up tighter than a bank vault on Sunday. This means air will recirculate through your homes multiple times before leaking out through the minuscule holes on the exterior wall. For that reason, changing your homes' furnace filters regularly is a crucial part of a cleaner home environment. This tip also applies to those with central air conditioning for the exact same reason stated before. 

FYI cleaner filter also help reduce the dust blowing around your home, and let's be honest how actually enjoys dust. 

We had a few questions about the article on power washing that was in September's newsletter. The most frequent questions was to see the finished product. Now, because we had just power washed the deck a few days before the newsletter was published we were waiting for it to fully dry out before staining but as you can see it is completed and we think it looks pretty snazzy. 
This was our last exterior staining project of the year, as the weather is getting to cold at night for the products to cure properly. In fact the only reason we were able to complete this job was because the product we used was oil based. This means the product absorbs into the wood, unlike latex, which sits on top of the wood and peels up when we reach the dew point.
Upcycling 101: Old folding chairs

The folding chair, almost everyone has them. You pull them out when you need them and they fold away neatly when you don't. They are prefect for family gatherings or just having a few friends over. However they can be quite the eye sore. Many of them are brown or black (we have green ones at our house) and they have the ugliest woven or fake leather fabrics. 

Now I know this is called upcycling 101 but, I wouldn't technically consider this to be a upcylcing project as we are not changing the function of the chairs, but simply refurbishing them. 

With the holidays around the corner, you'll likely be pulling out your folding chairs a few times, and that's why we thought you might like to see how to make your folding chairs a focal point instead of an eye sore in this years holiday photos. 

Garage Organization Month

It's funny how things work out sometimes, one month it seems like all we are doing is caulking bathtubs, the next were repairing deck, and the month after that preparing homes for there new owners. Well, this month was garage organization month. 

We reorganized the garage in the larger photos by building a custom bike stand and a large 24" deep shelving unit.

 In the smaller pictures down below we installed 2 - 8' by 4' and 1 - 4' by 4' hanger systems for the owners to do with as the please... and just so you know they like them so much we are going back to install more of them next month.  
Friendly Reminder

This coming month on November 11th take the time to remember the wonderful men and women that served our country with pride, honour and courage, and if you haven't already please buy a poppy to support our veterans. Another thing you may want to remember that day is to check all smoke/carbon monoxide alarms in your home and make an appointment to get your winter tire on. as we say in one of our prior newsletters, check your alarms both on April fools and remember to check them again on remembrance day.