October 2018, Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween everyone! Another month bits the dust. As we look back on the month that was we look back on a very busy one. We started it off by erecting a wall to create a separate office space and from there we just kept rolling. We brought a 1998 powder room into 2018, built some shelving and some protected a water pipe from the winter soon to arrive, Erik refinished a dresser to put in his condo... and a bunch of other tasks as well. We hope you enjoyed your October as much and we did.
Wall, Door and Trim Installation
Powder Room Refresh
Erik's Refinished Dresser (handles still to come)
Tip Of The Month: What to do With Your Appliances
Washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, what do all of them have in common? Yes, they are all appliances, but they also breakdown, and when they do you'll be ready because our tip of the month this time will help you decide whether to repair it or go new.
Good Riddance OCOT

OCOT stands for Ontario College Of Trades, it did not educate anyone it did not protect anyone, it was simply another fee that trades had to pay to be able to legally preform there job. The Making Ontario Open for Business Act is set to "wind down" OCOT which is a big plus for many small business tradespeople. This act will also put apprenticeship ratios at 1:1 instead of in some cases 5 journeypeople to train 1 apprentice. Although the bill may have some flaws, this is a big win for non unionized trades people. To learn more on this matter click the link below.

The Concrete Jungle
Concrete is a wonderful material, you can shape it any way you want, its durable, it can be used inside and out. We love it. Although, the damage it's doing to our environment and the amount of sand we are extracting from the earth is astounding. Thankfully, some good people are working on ways to reduce the carbon footprint concrete creates. To learn more about the amazing things they are doing to help save the planet and keep the building moving forward click the link below.