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Happy Halloween from Mystic Records
Dear  Mystic  Friends,
Mystic  has  a  very  special  treat  just  for  you  this  Halloween  "White  Vinyl"  Hot off the press!
Be  The  first  to  own  your  copy  of  these  limited  edition  records... 
#1.  The  Best  Of  NOFX  "Maxium  Rock & Roll"
#2.  The Best  Of  RKL  "Keep Laughing" 

All  Mystic  LP's  are  $15.  each   $5  s/h  USA   insurance extra

RE-Issue  NARDCORE        "Twenty- Five Years Of Nardcore"
                               black  vinyl  
                            included in all orders   
>>>>>>>>>           A
free  Cd  "MORE NARDCORE"      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                                                                       EL  DUCE'S     MENTORS
                                                                                  in   black   vinyl   with   limited   edition   jacket   
                                                                                                                  matching  Tshirts 
Hey Taxi 100 only in white vinyl - 7 inch record limited edition "George Hurly before the Minutemen" The original record released in 1979 is selling for over $200. online-- This 100 white vinyl is pressed from the original metal parts 

All 7 inch records are  $7.50 +  $5.  S/H/  insurance extra



Collectors  please  Write  to  she  will  look  and  find  the  Mystic  records of your  dreams -- just  for  you -- tell  her  what  you  want  for  your  collection  and  she  will  give you  a  quote---

All  Mystic  LP's  are  $15.  each  $5.  s/h    USA      insurance extra

All  7  inch  records  are  $7.50  +  $5.  S/H       insurance extra

order  through  Doug  Moody   for Pay Pal  customers



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Expect  two  new  newsletters  from  Mystic -  I  will keep  you  informed  of  Mystic  Records  catalog    and  news  of  me


Candace  will  be  writing  news  of  film  and  radio--- Contact  her


Mystic  Mark  who  was  with  us  1980's is  doing  promotion  and  advertizing  and  will  be  coming with  "Your Mystic News"  He  is  opening  mail  from  Mystic  that  was  moved  into  storage  and Mark  is  now  sorting  this  mail  and  will  be  contacting  you!

It's  all  about  where  you  are  going  back  to  the  1980's   and  ask  you  where  are  you  now-radio  stations-- -stores--- people  who  worked  with  us-  Mystic  people  of  the  1980's and  currently   find  out  where  you  are  now ---and  we  will  be  asking  "Where are you now?"



Thanks  for  supporting  the  groups and  Mystic!  
Doug Moody
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