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Youth and Elders Program
 June Feature
Best pals -- Children from Gethsemene Lutheran School and residents at Park Regency Assisted Living at Thornton.  
Preschool through high school ages, Bessie's Hope youth are provided with education and training to enable them to have comfortable and meaningful interaction with elders of all levels of cognitive functioning, including advanced Alzheimer's Disease.  The youth gain compassion, respect and empathy that will remain a part of who they are as adults.  They now view older adults as people from whom they have much to learn, and with whom they can have fun! 


June/July Feature ---- AGEISM Part I 

Community and Elders Program
June/July Feature  
St Gabriel the Archangel E piscopal
Church brings fun, laughter, dancing, creativity every month to the residents at Orchard Park Health Care Center.  So many stories to share---This resident pictured with two of the St Gabriel volunteers was a nationally renowned race car driver. Among the other photos, see video of him dancing with the ladies.
Get your church, your workplace, your civic organization involved in a volunteer experience that WILL change your lives.
The program is designed for corporate groups, civic, religious and community organizations. Just as with youth groups, the volunteers are provided with education and training to be able to communicate and interact with elders of all levels of cognitive functioning, including advanced Alzheimer's Disease. It's the most perfect team-building community service project. 
Family and Elders Program
June/July Feature
Resident at Chelsea Place, and Nancy Blizzard, volunteer, look forward to their visits. Nancy regularly visits her "adopted"  elders, and she also enjoys greeting and meeting others while she is there.
Through this program, individuals and families have the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from bringing joy to others.

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It's fun and rewarding to observe the friendships cultivated in YOUR sponsored youth and elders group.   
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