October / November 2018
  • Sat, November 10: 15th Annual Bowl-A-Rama
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  • Program Highlights
  • Monthly DINE, SHOP, PLAY - Avalanche!
  • In honor / memory donations
  • How to become a Bridge Builder
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15th Annual Bowl-A-Rama

Lane reservations are due October 20, don't miss out on the fun! Sponsor a team!
  • Register your team online
  • Setup your personal donation page
  • Ask your friends to support
Pizza, prizes and plenty of laughter!
Youth and Elders Program Current Feature

As the school year begins, we celebrate our friends at Denver Center for International Studies at Fairmont and the elders at Cedars Healthcare Center! Look through their gallery of photos and story.
Check out our Youth and Elders program and get a youth group involved!
Community and Elders Program Current Feature
For Corporation and Civic Organizations

Employees from Pinnacol Assurance partnered with Bessie's Hope    for 
singing, dancing and FUN
 with their new friends 
 at Chelsea Place! 
See more big smiles.
Upcoming Events - 
Monthly DINE, SHOP, PLAY events!
Discounted CO Avalanche tickets

15th Annual Bowl-a-Rama

Family and Elders Program Current Feature
Meet one of our valued volunteers, Etta Veysey, and her "ray of sunshine", Melba. These two teachers keep each other laughing and learning! Discover more about these marvelous ladies and 
their friendship. 
Want to build a lasting relationship with an elder?  We're ready to help!
Three Ways to Support
Become a Bridge Builder, Partner or Angel of Hope
Can I be a Bridge Builder?
Yes! Be a monthly donor in any amount and provide Bessie's Hope with continuous predictable income to support our work that builds bridges of  compassion, empathy, respect and understanding across generations. THANK YOU!

What are Partners and Angels of Hope?
Individuals, families, businesses and community groups who provide annual gifts that sponsor Youth and Elder partnerships. See our current list of Partners and Angels of Hope, plus benefits to the  levels of giving.

Learn more  here or call Phillip at 303-830-9457 for more information.

Donations Made In Memory / In Honor

In Memory:
Don Johnson
Pam and Dave Duke

Ninetta Lombardi
Diecidue Family Foundation
In Honor:
Dema Bailey 
Iva Lou Bailey

LaFawn Biddle
Marsha Boler
Susan Kiely
Porter Adventist Hospital
St. Mary's Academy

Arlene Mohler Johnson
Dana Davis
Leilani Dill
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gentry
James Holt
Trisha Hood
Mr. & Mrs George Johnson
Leo & Susan Kiely
Kay & Gail Luttinen
George & Jane Netzorg
Jane & Skip Netzorg
Robert and Judi Newman
PBJ Reece Family
Kay Lynn & Wesley West
Lynn Wong

Peggy Shelton
Linda Holloway
Bessie's Hope Board of Directors
Pat Robinson - Chairperson
LaFawn Biddle  
Stephen Edmonds
David Geras
Doug Krug   
Susan Markley  
Richard Stephenson