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2018 Bridge of Love Gala AND Wrap-up Party
Thanks to the sponsors, committee, donors, volunteers and attendees---
This year's gala is among the most successful fundraising events in our 24 year history.  Two dynamic women were at the front with dedication to the work of Bessie's Hope and to the success of the event to support the organization. The energetic, effervescent, charasmatic Event Chairperson, Rosalina Diecidue was the mighty, yet gentle force who took the helm, gathering and leading the committee to the victorious finish line.  The 2018 Community Angel Award recipient, Arlene Mohler, has served and supported the nonprofit and philanthropic community for over 40 years.  As a loved and respected Denver community matriarch, Arlene also worked relentlessly, bringing not only a host of local attendees to the event, but tables filled with family members from all over the country.

Rosalina and Arlene joined together to host a beautiful Bridge of Love Wrap-Up Party to thank all committee members and volunteers and to celebrate the event's success.

Youth and Elders Program
May Feature
Priscilla, resident at Briarwood Health Care Center,  and Jeremiah, resident/student at Third Way Center, exemplify the mutually rewarding relationships that are created through Bessie's Hope.  In addition to going regularly to the nursing home with the group of teens, Jeremiah visits Priscilla on his own.  Priscilla says, "I needed Jeremiah."  The two were together as greeters at the gala, as well as on stage to provide a brief testimony.  Jeremy says, "Bessie's Hope gave me faith that my life will be better."  He also says, "Priscilla helped me have goals like finishing high school."  
Community and Elders Program
May Feature  
Living Water Unity at Greenridge Place 
The program is designed for corporate groups, civic, religious and community organizations. Just as with youth groups, the volunteers are provided with education and training to be able to communicate and interact with elders of all levels of cognitive functioning, including advanced Alzheimer's Disease. It's the most perfect team-building community service project. 
Family and Elders Program
May Feature
The Fipps and the Sartan Families at
Juniper Village at Louisville.
This program is ideal for families of all kinds, kids of all ages and for individual adults.  Unlike the group programs, the volunteers in this program don't have to have a regular schedule.  

Please be a Bridge Builder and help us bring youth and elders together to cultivate beautiful relationships created with compassion, empathy, respect and understanding.  A Bridge Builder is a monthly donor at any amount.  Monthly gifts provide sustaining, predictable income for Bessie's Hope.  Thank you for building bridges! 

Or call Phillip at Bessie's Hope to set up your automatic monthly donations.  303-830-9457.

The winner of the drawing  from the names of the 2017 inaugural year for Bridge Builders is Angela Schreffler.  Congratulations for winning 7 days and 7 nights at a beautfiul Steamboat Springs condo donated by Joe DaVito DreamMakers ReMax Alliance.
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Donations Made in Memory

Dema Bailey (Iva Lou Bailey)

Donations Made in Honor

LaFawn Biddle (Marsha Boler)
Don Johnson  (Pam & Dave Duke)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (Leilani Dill)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (Mr. & Mrs George Johnson)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (Samuel & Jean Guyton)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (Trisha Hood)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (George & Jane Netzorg)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (Kay & Gail Luttinen)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (Jane & Skip Netzorg)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (James Holt)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (Leo & Susan Kiely)
Arlene Mohler Johnson (Kay Lynn & Wesley West)
Peggy Shelton  (Linda Holloway)
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