August / September 2018
  • FYI - Ageism Part II
  • Program Highlights
  • Upcoming events - Dine, Shop, Play!
  • In honor / memory donations
  • How to become a Bridge Builder
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Ageism -  Part II

In our last feature article, we asked "What is Ageism?". 
Read on here as we explore how to break the cycle.

Youth and Elders Program

The stellar students of McAuliffe 
International  School bring joy  and  theatrical skills to the residents of Rosemark at Mayfair Park! Check out their story here.

Know of a school or youth organization interested in building meaningful intergenerational relationships? 

Community and Elders Program
For Corporation and Civic Organizations

This month we focus in on the amazing work of our Mile High Youth Corps volunteers and the residents of Chelsea Place. Read on to hear more about how they turn lemons into lemonade!
Interested in learning more about getting your corporation or civic organization involved? Let's get started!
Family and Elders Program

Our volunteers, Angela Schreffler and Mike Buchner, have been visiting Clyde and Adib at Forest Street Compassionate Care for the past year. Learn more about their beautiful friendship.
Is your family, or someone you know of, looking for a way to serve on a more personal basis in your local elder care facility? 
Upcoming Events
Mark your calendars so you don't miss out on these fun opportunities to get involved! 
To Be Announced:  SHOP 
our Sept event with Kendra Scott

DINE: August 17
Pizza for a Purpose
PLAY: November 10
15th Annual Bowl-A-Rama

Three Ways to Support
Become a Bridge Builder, Partner or Angel of Hope

Can I be a Bridge Builder?
Yes! They are monthly donors in all amounts who provide Bessie's Hope with predictable income to continue work based on compassion, empathy, respect and understanding. 

What are Partners and Angels of Hope?
A collection of individuals, families, businesses and community groups who offer an annual gift. Many are also Bridge Builders too! See our current list of Partners and Angels of Hope, plus benefits to the  levels of giving.

Learn more  here or call Phillip at 303-830-9457 for more information.
2018 Donations Made In Memory
Don Johnson
Pam and Dave Duke
Ninetta Lombardi
Diecidue Family Foundation
2018 Donations Made In Honor of
Dema Bailey 
Iva Lou Bailey
LaFawn Biddle
Marsha Boler
Susan Kiely
Porter Adventist Hospital
St. Mary's Academy
Arlene Mohler Johnson
Dana Davis
Leilani Dill
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gentry
James Holt
Trisha Hood
Mr. & Mrs George Johnson
Mr. & Mrs George Johnson
Leo & Susan Kiely
Kay & Gail Luttinen
George & Jane Netzorg
Jane & Skip Netzorg
Robert and Judi Newman
PBJ Reece Family
Kay Lynn & Wesley West
Lynn Wong
Peggy Shelton
Linda Holloway

Bessie's Hope Board of Directors

LaFawn Biddle  
Stephen Edmonds
David Geras
Doug Krug   
Susan Markley  
Pat Robinson

Richard Stephenson