Happy Holiday Season!
Happy Holidays from the ProEthic Team!

We know what this time of year can bring to your business—more customers. And we have some tips to keep your building clean during this time of high foot traffic .

If cleaning your own floors, we would recommend a pH neutral solution in order to avoid residue left on the floors. Vacuuming daily as opposed to mopping is also key, as mopping can start to spread dirt around instead of picking it up. With any of your holiday cleaning needs, ProEthic can handle them all and leaving your building sparkling clean .

With ProEthic Building Services, we keep every area of your building clean, and held to the highest of standards. We focus on the cleaning, so that you can focus on other important matters. Contact us for a quote today to see how we can help you maintain your building. 
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Keep Floors Looking Good Despite Foot Traffic

Contributed by Kaivac. Retailers are hoping for a busy holiday sales season, which means store floors will receive a beating over the next few months. It's up to the cleaning crews to make sure floors are looking their very best. Retailers know...

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