Watch the Y2Y holiday message now

We just have to say it again - THANK YOU!

Because of your donations and your advocacy, we  made substantial headway to protect and connect this amazing landscape.  Together, in 2017 we:


Your gifts helped us support our partners in a three-year court battle 

that led to a landmark decision.


Your comments and calls helped make the case to decision makers.



Your donations backed our efforts in support of our partners to make 

this a reality.



Your continued contributions make possible the many projects that are 

leading to connectivity.



 Your steadfast support keeps us in a position to make a difference.


Your support literally makes a world of difference.   On behalf of all the wildlife that call Yellowstone to Yukon home, as well as the people who live, work, and recreate here, thank you for caring, and for your support.

We, the Y2Y team, are indebted to your commitment and honored to work on your behalf to keep this precious mountain ecosystem intact. You inspire us!

Happy holidays!
Jodi Hilty, Ph.D.
President and Chief Scientist


*Credits: Video: Jeff Mah, Photo 1: Peter Mather, Photo 2: Brandon Smith, Photo 3: USFWS, Photo 4: Dan Carline,  Photo 5: maz ngibad

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