December 23, 2022
Beauty in Something Simple
Each December thousands of our student-athletes arrive in Orlando for the annual Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Cheer & Dance Championships. While the goal for most of the teams is to head home with a national championship, the beauty of the week is something simpler.

I see it on the faces of the kids as they walk into the massive Camping World Stadium and look around and realize it is where NFL and college players have played, or when they take a deep breath and run onto what feels like a Broadway stage at the Orange County Convention Center to begin the most important routine of their young lives. You see it in the groups of friends rushing to the next ride at the exclusive Pop Warner party at Universal. [Read more...]
Video Playlist: The Kids Dazzled in Orlando
Check out our YouTube channel for a series of video highlights from this year's Pop Warner Super Bowl and Cheer & Dance Nationals. For all the news, scores and coverage, check out
Event Merchandise For Sale
If you missed an opportunity to buy nationals merchandise in Orlando, we have made several items for sale in our official store - Pop Warner Shop. You can browse selections for football and cheer & dance.
Browse and Buy Event Photos
Event photos - both action shots and portraits - are still available from UEP. Download the UEPViewer mobile app from the Apple or Google store. Once you're in the app you can view and order photos
Schedule Reconditioning with Riddell
Did you know helmets are required to be reconditioned and recertified at least every other year? Teams can now contact their Riddell Sales Rep to start their program’s reconditioning process.

For teams that aren’t connected with their rep yet, fill out this form:
For individual helmet reconditioning, fill out this form:

See this video for an overview of Riddell's reconditioning process.