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December 2018
Blessed Beyond Measure...  
Christmas is just days away!  Are you ready??  We have been working with Santa to provide various accessibility and mobility solutions.  Have you shopped at Cardi's recently?  Check out our products in their lift recliner and the mattress sections.  We show various products at all of their locations to help provide balance when one is getting out of a chair or bed.

Our mission has always been 'Mobility + Safety = Freedom' and we know that we are keeping many people safe in their homes.  As you gather with family, know that we are here to keep your loved ones safe.

                                                                            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Linda & Bill

Hydraulic Piping Training - 4th Quarter Training  

The Home Healthsmith techs were trained in how to cut and thread hydraulic pipe for            residential elevator installs. They also learned about different fittings and how to measure pipe runs . In addition, they discussed basic hydraulic theory.

Introducing StairSteady Systems:

Stay at home independence for people who have difficulty using their stairs. Constructed in the Greater Toronto Area, the StairSteady System is a high-quality handrail system that folds out of the way when not in use. It is like receiving help from a steadying hand on the stairs, allowing you or a loved one to move between floors and helping to prevent falls. State-of-the-art stamping techniques are used to manufacture StairSteady Systems, which ensure optimum strength. Also, zinc die casting makes sure that parts are consistent, reliable, and able to support up to 225 pounds.

Home Healthsmith is the exclusive distributor in this area.
StairSteady - An Affordable Alternative To A Stairlift - RI MA CT Distributor
StairSteady - An Affordable Alternative To A Stairlift - RI MA CT Distributor

Home Healthsmith Calendar...
Join us on the road at the following events

              Jan 29:   Lunch & Learn to VA Team
                                 Providence , RI
                                 Home Healthsmith Presenting  

      Feb 26:   Health Fair
                         The Lighthouse at Lincoln
                         Lincoln, RI
                         2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
                          Home Healthsmith Exhibiting

Feb 12:  Annual Winter Conference
                                 Mass Veteran Services Association
                                 Leominster, MA
                                 Home Healthsmith Presenting

Why we do what we do...
"I have a patient that was in need of a wheelchair ramp for MD appts - and Home Healthsmith installed the ramp in less than a week from original contact!  My patient was so happy that we could practice leaving the home today. Thank you!"

Kathy C., MS, PT
Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice

11 Tips for Keeping Seniors Healthy Over the Holidays  
While the holidays are a time of gatherings with family and friends, they can also be a source of stress, as exercise schedules might be disrupted for shopping excursions and rich holiday meals make it difficult to adhere to a particular diet. Staying healthy can be a challenge during this time of year, especially for seniors... Read More

Linda & Bill Bohmbach

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