Dear Friends,

Your compassionate support has allowed RWF to help thousands of people this year. Because of you, we have helped LGBTQ people escape violence in Guatemala, Iraq, Syria and Uganda. We have provided emergency aid after natural disasters, given care to children with HIV disease in South Africa and Cuba and removed deadly land mines Cambodia. These are just a few of the ways that your support has allowed us to demonstrate LGBTQ compassion and caring throughout the world.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from everyone at RWF
RWF's Blake King, Linda Mihara, Jeff Cotter and Karen Kia at the World Tree of Hope.
RWF is the world's first and only all-volunteer, LGBTQ- based humanitarian aid organization. Our mission is to promote peace, unity and hope by leading the LGBTQ movement in participating in humanitarian relief efforts. RWF has donated nearly $4.5 million of life saving aid.  
Bring new hope to our friends and family around the world.  Put your tax-deductible gift to work immediately by donating online  or mail your donation to Rainbow World Fund, 4111 - 18th Street #5, San Francisco, CA 94114.  
Our trip focuses on Cuba's culture, history, politics, and spirituality. We will learn from the Cubans about the realities of their country. We'll visit projects that serve the Cuban people and meet with members of the LGBTQ community, politicians, artists, scientists, and leaders in many fields.
We will learned about Cuban history, from its colonial past to its revolutionary present, plus how the complex historical relationship between the U.S and Cuba remains ever-changing. During our visit you will gain insight into the struggles and hopes of the Cuban people. We will visit places such as medical clinics, programs that serve the elderly, art institutions, schools, and other historical and cultural sights. 
The many highlights include participating in the LGBTQ Pride celebration in Havana.    Learn how you can join us.
Walk with a legendary people, learn about Mayan spirituality, and explore human rights issues with a people whose traditions span centuries of development. Experience ancient, colonial, and modern influences that have molded a people of unique strength and deep faith. Help deliver medical and educational supplies... be forever changed.
We will learn from Guatemalans about the realities in their country by visiting projects that serve the people and engaging in social, cultural and artist exchanges. The trip includes visits to diverse communities, meeting with leaders from a variety of fields, and spending time with the LGBTQ community to learning about their struggle for their civil rights. Learn how you can join us.
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