Happy Holidays!!! Can you believe that we have come upon the last month of 2018?! Valentine’s, Memorial, Independence and Labor Days are behind us (and so is summer weather, especially for us Michiganders). We’ve put away our costumes and finished off the last of the Turkey, and now it’s time to put the finishing touch on 2018 by gathering together, with family and friends, during this end of year Holiday period. This time of year really can be a “most wonderful time of the year!”

Understanding that the holiday season is upon us, we at TGQ Law have decided to devote our entire holiday newsletter to identifying questions that have been posed to us on multiple occasions regarding how to approach an estate planning discussion with parents and family members, and what happens in an estate planning meeting...

Why You Must Talk About Estate Planning With Mom & Dad

During the holiday season, there are many events that we look forward to- trimming the tree, cooking with our family, and enjoying time with our loved ones over the exchanging of gifts. One exchange that your family could be avoiding, however, is the conversation that is most important..

How to Have the Estate Planning Conversation

How do you have a conversation with your parents about estate planning? My first impulse is to answer to this question with the statement, “Very carefully.” Your parents are your parents and you are their child no matter how old you are.

What You Need to Know About Estate Planning

The term “estate planning” may sound like something just for millionaires but that’s furthest from the truth. Everyone, whether young, old, a student, an athlete, single, married, or a CEO, needs a plan for the future and there are no pre-qualifiers. Simply put, if you are alive, you need an estate plan.

What an Estate Planning Meeting Looks Like

People often wonder what to expect when meeting with an attorney about estate planning (wills and trusts). Will it be like going to the dentist to get a tooth pulled or will it be like a walk in the park? At The TGQ Law Firm we certainly understand that the idea of meeting with an attorney, for any reason, can be scary.

"Banana nut bread is a favorite among my family at a holiday brunch or anytime of the year. It's quick to prepare and totally scrumptious with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea."
Adrienne Quinn, Director of Client Care