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Fallacy of Commissions
by Ted Konnerth
We've helped scores of clients identify quality sales talent over our 19 years of success. Our clients have a broad range of compensation models to support attracting sales talent;
  • Fixed salary with bonuses tied to: individual sales, regional sales, company sales, company profits, etc.
  • Salary with commission tied to: gross sales, incremental sales, GM's, profits, etc.
  • Commissions only; draw-based, or purely 1099 based, etc.
The underlining challenge is ...

Preparing for 2019

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Recent and Successful 
Wire & Cable Placements

- President - Industrial Wire Manufacturer
- Plant Manager - Building Wire Manufacturer
- Channel Sales Manager - Wire Mfr.
- Process Engineer - Wire & Cable Mfr.
- Regional Sales Manager - Wire & Cable Manufacturer
- Process Engineer - Industrial Wire & Cable Manufacturer
- Sales Manager - Electrical Construction Connector Mfr.
- RSM - Building & Industrial Wire Manufacturer
- National Accounts Manager  - Building & Bare Cooper Wire Mfr.
- Quality Control Manager - Coaxial Cable Manufacturer
- Sales Manager - Aerospace & Automotive Wire Manufacturer
- Outside Sales - Independent Manufacturer's Rep
- Outside Sales - Industrial Wire Manufacturer & Distributor
- Sales Manager - Terminal & Crimping System Manufacturer
- Outside Sales - Electrical Wire & Cable Distributor
- Production Manager - International High Voltage Wire Mfr.
- Director of Sales - Commercial Industrial Segments Manufacturer
- Director of Corporate Accts - Electrical Connector Manufacturer
- Head of Product Mgt - Electronic/Electrical Wire & Component Mfr.
Pati Kelly
Wire and Cable Recruiter

Pati Kelly is an executive recruiter specializing in the wire & cable industry. She helps manufacturers find sales, operations and engineering talent to help grow their companies.

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