Volume 2 | December 2018
December Newsletter 2018
Happy holidays! We hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving! Our build season has officially ended for 2018 but we are so excited for our holiday festivities this month. Check out all of the news, updates and some things to look out for for the new year!
What's New
Casas de Luz Stocking Stuffers!
Check out our new Casas de Luz apparel, perfect for stocking stuffers! Don't miss an opportunity to represent CDL, email us to purchase yours today.
Women's Tee
Men's Tee
Embroidered Hat
Leader of the Month
Charlotte Cunningham
Charlotte has been an active club member at CCA for 4 years and this is her second year on the leadership team. This past month Charlotte has been working hard on planning the Faro de Luz Christmas party as well as executing a successful Botox fundraising night! Charlotte brings so much excitement and endless ideas to our leadership team. Good work Charlotte!
Got toiletries?
Meet the García Ramírez Family
Meet Rosario, Rosa and their children Isamar (12), Francisco (10), Casandra (8), and Ernesto (7).

They, like other families at Faro de Luz do not have access to toiletries to maintain personal hygiene. They use newspaper instead of toilet paper and wash their hair with a bar soap used to wash clothes.

Isamar used to always wear a hat because her hair was so knotty and had lice. Sometimes they do not bathe because they don't have soap or anything to wash themselves with.

This family is just one of many families who don't have access to the basic toiletries we use everyday.
We Need Your Help
Help us bring toiletries to the García Ramírez family and many others at Faro de Luz! Donation drop off at St. James Catholic Church sheds listed below.

Suggestions (but not limited to): shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, body wash, razors, shaving cream, hair brush, hair gel, hair ties, cotton balls, body lotion, deodorant, lip balm, feminine pads, tampons, and toilet paper.

Toilet paper would be greatly appreciated because so many families are using newspaper to go to the bathroom.
November Builds
November 10, 11
Mission Hills Church
The Sagredo Family lost their home in a fire 2 years ago. They have been living in little rooms built out of scrap wood since then. Jesus and Angelica now have a home for their kids Angelica and Dilan.
November 17, 18
Knopp and Connell Families
Luis and Rosa are pastors that started a church in a new community but did not have enough money to build a home. On November 18, the Ramirez family opened the door to their first home ever!
Upcoming Events
Faro de Luz Weddings
On December 9, six couples at our Faro de Luz community center will be married. The past few weeks they have been attending prenuptial counseling and getting all of their papers organized to be officially married. All of the couples and their children are so excited for the big day! We will help them transform the community center and church into a magical wedding destination for the couples and their guests.
Meet 3 of the 6 Beautiful Couples
Óscar and Esther
4 beautiful children
Francisco and Luisa
Cesar and Virginia
4 beautiful children and 1 on the way
Christmas Parties
This year we will be having two Christmas parties in TJ! We will have one on December 2 at Faro de Luz and a following one in Cumbres on December 16.

Our Christmas parties are fun and festive, we gift toys to all community kids and play endless games with community members. It's a great way to relax and enjoy the holiday season with our communities in TJ.
What to Look Out For
New Website
Are you ready for it....? To celebrate the new year we will be releasing a completely new website! The new website will feature an online shop for you to purchase your very own Casas de Luz apparel. It will have easy access to all of the information about CDL you will ever need, and more. We are the same Casas de Luz you love and know, just with a new look!
Cross Cultural Connections
We are bringing back our youth group, Cross Cultural Connections! CCC is a program for high school students to come down to TJ for a cross-cultural experience. Students in Mexico teach us about their culture and we teach them about ours. Next year there may be a cooking class involved... Stay tuned for more information!
New Model Home
Are you up for a challenge? We are revealing our new option for sponsors to build a 16x24 home which will include a bathroom for families. Our head master carpenter is still working out the fine details and we will be announcing the cost in the new year. Who's ready to learn something new?
Donation Sheds
St. James Catholic Church Donation Sheds

Sheds are at the end of the parking lot of the church if coming from the North. If you are coming from the South, take Via de la Valle and drive towards the ocean. On Del Mar Downs Road, turn right and continue until the end of the road where you will turn left. Drive left up the hill and the sheds will be on your left! There is a rope protecting our sheds from being a dump zone, so feel free to drop off your  usable  donations right there!
Thank You!
Thank you for your continued support of Casas de Luz. We would not be here without you! We are wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season!
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