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Happy Holidays from the CAEP Office and CAEP TAP

CAEP Deliverable Reminders

Deadlines and Deliverables

Survey Responses: Feedback on the Three-Year Plan

Executive Summary Analysis: 2022-2025 Consortia Three-Year Plan Review

Personal Finance Institute for Adult Educators & Service Providers: 

Empowering Adult Learners to Stand Out in the Workforce

Learn at Lunch with LARAEC

California's Draft Digital Equity Plan

TDLS 2024- Registration is open!

Spring Cue Conference 2024

2024 CAEAA 27th State Conference

The team at the CAEP Office along with CAEP TAP extends our warmest wishes for the Holiday season, and hopes that the coming New Year brings you tranquility and success.

CAEP TAP will be on Winter break beginning, December 24, 2023 through Monday, January 1, 2024. CAEP TAP will resume normal business on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

If you need assistance before the Winter recess, contact CAEP TAP at [email protected] or (888) 827-2324.

CAEP Deliverable Reminders

CAEP Quarter 1 Expense Report

The Quarter 1 Member Expense Report was due December 1, 2023 and to be certified by the consortium no later than December 31, 2023. In addition, December 31st will be the last day members can spend 2021-22 funds.

graphic showing a dollar sign in a circle

CAEP Quarter 2 Student Data

The Quarter 2 student data is due by January 31, 2024 in TOPSPro for K-12 CAEP adult education providers and WIOA-funded community college noncredit providers. Additionally, the employment and earnings follow-up survey is due on the same day, January 31, 2024.

Deadlines and Deliverables

Graphic showing arrows pointing right with word Deadline at center

  • Dec 31: Member Expense Reports certified by consortium in NOVA (Q1)
  • Jan 31: Student Data due in TOPSPro (Q2)
  • Jan 31: Employment and Earning Follow-up Survey
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Survey Responses:

Feedback on Three-Year Plan

At a recent workshop at the CAEP Directors event and via a CAEP Directors’ and Members’ Survey, over 100 individuals provided feedback and recommendations regarding the CAEP Three-Year Plan. We appreciate your thoughtful and detailed responses, and we want to assure you that they have been carefully considered as we prepare for the upcoming 2025-2028 Three-Year Plan cycle. Anticipated changes to this cycle include more focused needs assessment guidance, a simplified Three-Year Plan template, adjustments to improve Annual Plan/Three-Year Plan alignment, and enhanced technical assistance resources for new and continuing consortium leads.

The 2025-2028 planning cycle will present an opportunity for you as leaders and members of CAEP consortia to chart your future course and define the goalposts you will use to measure progress. CAEP TAP is here to support you throughout this process with technical assistance, professional development, and resources tailored to your planning needs.  

Ultimately, the CAEP 2025-2028 Three-Year Plan should allow your consortium to meet the legislative requirements of your funding, while equipping you with a useful tool for internal accountability and tracking of outcomes as you meet educational needs, improve integration and transitions, and improve effectiveness. We will welcome your continued feedback on how we can support you in this important work.

In early 2024, we expect to solicit your additional feedback on a draft 2025-2028 Three-Year Plan guidance document and template, leading to the release of final guidance and a suite of technical assistance resources by late spring 2024. In the meantime, please be in touch with any questions or additional feedback.

Executive Summary Analysis: 2022-2025 CAEP Three-Year Plan Review

We welcome you to look through the Executive Summary of the 2022-25 Three-Year Plan conducted by Hanover Research and review the analysis embedded. We hope this will serve as a contribution to upcoming three-year plan work. The analysis within this report has been carefully crafted, incorporating various themes like assessments, programs, development areas, and consumer populations based on the consortium planning guidance document.

Personal Finance Institute for Adult Educators & Service Providers: 

Empowering Adult Learners to Stand Out in the Workforce

This online Institute aims to simplify personal finance education for adult educators, offering a rich array of resources such as lessons, videos, games, and more. Curated over 23 years, these resources cater to adults with limited education and income, emphasizing basic economic concepts for better financial decisions. The Institute's format is adaptable, suitable for various adult education and workforce development audiences, and can be molded to fit diverse learning formats. The online modules allow self-paced learning with practical and reflective assignments, while live Zoom classes promote networking and resource sharing. Completion earns a certificate and optional Personal Finance Educator Credential with a digital badge.

Learn more about this upcoming opportunity by visiting the Personal Finance Institute for Adult Educators & Service Providers website.

February 19 – May 10, 2024

Break from Mar 25 - Apr 5

10 Weeks

Classes on Feb 20, Apr 9, and May 7

7:00-9:00pm ET

Class recordings also available 

Empowering Adult Learners to Stand Out in the Workforce

January 18th, 2024 12:30 p.m.

Shifts in adult education facilitated by WIOA and CCRS now place stronger emphasis on workforce readiness and career development. This session will demonstrate how we can help students learn to evaluate their current skills and personal drive to reach for success to make lifetime goals and plan for their futures. This session will focus on practical, immediately implementable strategies and ideas!

Presenter: Andrew O’Shea is the national sales manager for National Geographic Learning and brings over ten years of experience to the educational field.

Register Today!

California Department of Technology Update

Draft Digital Equity Plan

The State of California recently released the draft Digital Equity Plan utilizing the input of over 50,000 Californian residents. The plan will position the state to receive an allocation of the Digital Equity Capacity Grant, funded by the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, that will help close the digital divide for good. 

The Plan will help fund programs that can give everyone access to high-performance broadband, devices, and digital skills training. Additionally, funding could be used for digital literacy programs, community technology initiatives, digital navigator services, affordable device distribution, and workforce training.

To help our community close the digital divide, we need your feedback! Contribute to this plan by sharing your thoughts on the draft in the form of a public comment.

The draft Digital Equity Plan is open for public comment until January 25, 2024

With your input, we can ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive in the digital age.

State Digital Equity Plan page
Public Comment

TDLS 2024- Registration is open!

Registration to the Technology and Distance Learning Symposium 2024 is now open! We are in the Northern California this year, Fremont Adult School to be exact!

Register and learn from practitioners. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, many educators and support staff are doing amazing work in their learning spaces.

Join us and learn with us at #TDLS24!

Register Today!

Spring 2024

Cue Conference

Greetings friends and colleagues! Neda Anasseri here - CUE Board Member representing adult education. I have an exciting reminder for you:

The upcoming Spring CUE Conference is an incredible opportunity to enrich your professional journey. Join us at the Spring CUE Conference, where the world of education comes alive with innovation, collaboration, and inspiration. Spring CUE March 21—23, 2024 is tailored to knock your socks off with education technology PD applicable to all educators.

You will benefit by staying ahead of the curve with sessions led by industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow educators. Find the latest education trends, technologies, and methodologies that can elevate your teaching strategies. Spring CUE is the place for you to invest in your growth as an educator. Have I mentioned the Expo Hall? The expo hall allows you to discover cutting-edge tools, resources, and solutions that can enhance your teaching methods and engage your adult learners effectively.

We hope you hop onto this opportunity to recharge your professional journey and contribute to the advancement of adult education.

Dates: March 21—23, 2024

Location: Palm Springs Convention Center

On behalf of the CUE Staff and CUE Board we welcome you to the Spring CUE Conference!

Spring Cue 2024 Website
California Adult Education Administrators Association

CAEAA State Conference

The 27th Annual California Adult Education Administrators' Association State Conference will take place February 8-9, 2024, in Sacramento. Hear directly from key leaders in adult education, network with other administrators, solve problems together, collaborate on funding efforts, improve learner outcomes, and collaborate on ELL Healthcare implementation. The conference is intended for anyone interested in adult education, especially adult education administrators, program directors, consortium directors, assistant administrators, principals, assistant principals, and new adult education administrators.

Conference registration and hotel registration are now open. The CAEAA State Conference is the premier executive level adult education conference in California. Register today!

CAEAA State Conference Website
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