December 19th, 2018
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Town Park

12/21/18 7:00pm - 12/21/18 9:00pm

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The voting for the Avalon Park Holiday Contest has started!
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As promised, this year is even bigger than last year... Over $4000 in prizes for the homes and voters!

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Avalon Park Neighbors,
During the holiday season, it seems so natural to turn our attention towards others, doesn’t it? We give gifts to friends and loved ones. We help with food drives and offer our extra cash to charities. There’s just something special about this time of year. And this attitude of selflessness during the holidays (holy-days) makes so much sense because God has always focused on loving others. That's the Christmas story!
Since the beginning of time, we, as people , have been so caught up in our own lives and purposes that we have often missed the very reason we were created - to know and to be known by God and each other. This self-centeredness has left us so broken… the exact opposite of God's desire for us. That’s why Jesus came! God knew we couldn't rescue ourselves from our brokenness. So Jesus came as God in the flesh to show us what God is truly like, to pay our sin-debt on the cross, and to offer life, meaning, and purpose to all who will accept his invitation.
This is why Avalon Church exists… to bring life and healing to people's lives in Jesus' name. We can't do this in our power, of course, because we are also broken. But because of what Jesus is doing in our lives, we are being continually transformed. Marriages are slowly being restored. People are finding victory over addictions. Deep friendships are developing. And many are discovering a deep sense of purpose and meaning. We’re sure not perfect, but our desire is to invite others to walk together as Jesus transforms our lives together.
When the Avalon Park community was founded, Beat Kahli, the developer, wanted a church in the center of town that would be available as a hub for the community. It was a beautiful partnership. Avalon Church is a non-denominational church that wants to bless our neighbors. That is why so many organizations utilize our building each week. We also invite all people to come as they are to discover God together with us. We strive to have great music alongside teaching that seeks to help people discover God's love and purpose for their lives.
One of my favorite characteristics of Avalon Church is our diversity. We are made up of a variety of races and languages. But we also comprise a variety of religious backgrounds. We are a family of people seeking to find unity in our faith in Jesus. We have chosen not to argue about our differences, but instead to unite around Jesus and his purpose for our lives. We are a family. 
Whether you grew up in the church or are not even sure if you believe in God, you are welcome here. You will find a loving group of people to walk with in life, to ask questions with, and who will help you explore faith at your own pace. I know it can be risky, but I invite you to step out and join us sometime as our guest. We have an English service at 10 am every Sunday and a Spanish service at 11:45 am. We will also have wonderful Christmas Eve services at 4 pm and 5:30 pm.
When you visit, I sure hope you'll introduce yourself to me.
Have an incredible Christmas season,
Pastor Don Dodge
Avalon Church
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