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From Our Family to Yours...

IDA and TeamQuest wish you a very, Merry Christmas! We thank you so much for everything you do and give. Whether or not you made Santa's Nice List, you definitely made ours! So, celebrate by enjoying time with loved ones and friends during this Christmas season.
The Season's Not Over Yet!
Favorite NFL team didn't make the playoffs this season? Don't let that keep you from watching football! Create a football pool with friends, family, or cor workers and make it a 50/50 fundraiser! The winner gets half and the other half goes toward your TeamQuest efforts. 

When In DC
Looking for an educational experience in Washington, DC? The Newseum, The Spy Museum, and National Portrait Gallery are all right next door to the Rock 'n' Roll Washington, DC event on March 10, 2018! Don't miss this opportunity to visit these DC favorites.

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