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December 2015

Dear Friends,

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Last year on this page, I wrote something that is still apropos:

We'd like to thank all of you who discovered the EJK Foundation this year. When you subscribed to our newsletter, clicked on our website, retweeted us or liked us on Facebook, you joined us in proclaiming the need for diversity in children's books. 

And thanks also to our longtime friends - when you spread the word about our programs, you joined in our commitment to public education and the principals, teachers and librarians who go above and beyond. 

And as we enter Ezra's centennial year, we hope you'll join us in celebrating him and his extraordinary work by sharing his books with a new generation, talking about why they matter, and having the best birthday parties ever in his honor! 

Most of all, we want you to share these moments with us, so we can share them with all of you.
The Season's Best

Ezra's seasonal classics make great gifts for your youngest readers:  
The Snowy Day, forever the perfect winter's tale
* The Little Drummer Boy, Ezra's illustrated lyrics of the immortal song
God Is in the Mountain, Ezra's illustrated selection of wise words from the world's spiritual paths.
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BPL bro is bright
EJK Bedtime Stories + A Free Keats Book!  

Don't forget your pajamas! 
Thursday, December 17 @ 7 p.m.
Brooklyn Public Library 
Grand Army Plaza 
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From all of us at the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation,
Happy Holidays!