MTM-CNM Family Conference

It is with grateful hearts that we wish you a happy holiday season! We are very thankful that with your help and participation we had such a successful 2013 Family Conference for our community.


Through our conference dedicated to "The Road to Research, Resources, and Relationships", we brought together families, medical professionals, and companies dedicated to continuing the journey towards medical treatments for our loved ones with MTM & CNM.


Together, families shared experiences & resources, provided support, celebrated our loved ones, & honored our angels that have gone before us. 


Many were enrolled in studies & valuable information was gathered over the course of the weekend, moving progress even further along.


We heard about promising research and the commitment from companies dedicated to seeing our community through the exciting next steps towards treatments.


We laughed, we cried, we celebrated, we strengthened our community, and committed to moving forward together.


It was an incredible milestone along our MTM-CNM journey and we are already looking forward and planning for our next opportunity to gather together at our next MTM-CNM Family Conference.


May you all have a happy & hope-filled 2014!

All the best to you, your family, and your friends,

The MTM-CNM Family Conference Team

Erin, Mark, Marie, & Shannon

Serafanos 2013 Conference
In Loving Memory

One of our special families--Don, Nancy, and Matteo Serafano-- drove a very long distance and overcame mishaps and obstacles of all sorts in order to learn and to laugh with us at the 2013 conference in July in Bloomington, MN. Sadly, in September, Matteo passed away, leaving us with a deep heartache. Yet we are thankful to Don and Nancy for allowing us to share in Matteo's life and accomplishments by bringing him to the conference. 

Even in his passing, his life will remain a bright light of inspiration to the rest of us, added to the lights of those who have gone before him, as we forge ahead into a hopeful future. 

To all of our angels: We remember. We hope. We love.