Through it all, we remain dedicated and focused on our mission to serve. With this, we are moving forward toward the greater good.
Dear Friends,

We have had such a busy year! In spite of the difficulties a pandemic brings on, we really accomplished so much. 2021 has proven to be a year of moving forward as we continued to provide during the second year of the pandemic. It is through the hard work and dedication of our staff and the support of our families, that we are able to serve while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all. THANK YOU FOR BELIEVEING IN POSSIBILITY!

Creativity and individualized care has been the way to put the difficulties behind us and ignite more productive options for our students in a welcoming environment. The challenges of 2020 continued through 2021 but we made the conscious choice to be mindful, be brave, and keep smiling...and our students have moved forward with us!

The idea of our center becoming a 'full circle of support' for our community members is truly becoming a reality. Film and art projects are transforming into opportunities that acknowledge the talent that lies within each and every one of our students. Uniquely designed high-end merchandise and an online store will bring recognition to some of our most talented students as well as allow them to earn a commission based income. Additionally, as we head into 2022, the formation of the MarbleJam Production Company will bring on new opportunities for budding filmmakers to learn on the job as we launch our 2-year film making practicum, Vision Arts!

MarbleJam is beating the isolation of the pandemic through social learning programs and inclusive classes that successfully meet our students where they are. There are more programs coming in 2022 but I'll leave that news for next years review!

Our little organization continues to thrive because of the passion of our gifted staff and the generosity of people who see the potential and believe that all children deserve the opportunity to explore their creativity in a way they are able. Special recognition this year goes to David's Fund of Westwood, Sleep Centers of Westwood NJ, The Koch Family, The Friedman Family, Nick Mamary, CPA, The Stern Firm, Bergen County Development Corporation, The NJ Department of Health & Human Services, The Bergen County Dept. of Historic and Cultural Affairs and the many individuals who continue to support us.

Wishing you & your family a Very Healthy Holiday & Happy New Year!

Anna Villa-Bager, Founder /President
Meet Jamarr (Jay) Neyland, Program Supervisor!

As an artist, I know how art can communicate ideas, create beauty and expand the imagination. What I found is how it can help alleviate anxiety, depression, and reduce stress. Art helps us to make sense of our emotions. Dealing with those with special challenges, as a former teacher in the Bronx, I know firsthand how art can transform a person and be an aide in one's education. Many of the tools I constructed as a teacher were creative and assisted students who struggled with various academic subjects.

I entered MarbleJam being excited at the opportunity to be at a creative arts therapy center. I was surprised to know this one-of-a-kind place existed and was eager to assist in any way possible. I was happy to be a Direct Support staff member. As a DSP, I worked as an assistant teaching and supporting the students of MarbleJam. I was on hand to support the students in the therapeutic activities but also had fun in the process. I remember my early days of gaining strength and flexibility in the yoga and fitness programs. I engaged and created new art projects in the art class. I also enjoyed writing new lyrics to songs and grooving to the dance mixes in the music therapy. As time progressed and my role has changed, I can look at it from a different standpoint. One year later, I am able to create new ideas and give my insight and teaching skills to encourage and educate the students of MarbleJam. As Program Supervisor, I am committed to doing my best to promote the many great programs of MarbleJam and help it to grow. With every new student we serve and every new arts program we begin, it's an opportunity to help change a life.

Jamarr Neyland, M.S.Ed
Program Supervisor
& Academic Year Program!
PEERS® is an accredited social skills program for teens and adults with autism our of UCLA. PEERS® Social Skills Workshop started this summer and is continuing now into its second cohort of the academic year program! The students learned many social skills and now we are inspiring a new group to practice developing their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Some topics we covered have been how to know when you have a good friend, handling disagreements, and how to effectively communicate with new people upon meeting. They have learned how to find a source of friends and to share common interests with those who could potentially be casual friends. They will learn in future lessons how to handle indirect/direct bullying, proper communication electronically, and dating etiquette.

As an instructor, it is encouraging to watch those you teach, learn and grow from the first lesson. In the first cohort, the students excelled throughout the program and shared information about each other's common interests and similar backgrounds. It is truly inspiring to see how they have turned acquaintances into lifelong friends. I celebrate each and every success of the PEERS® participants!

Jamarr Neyland, M.S.Ed - PEERS® Certified Coach

Led by coach Jamarr Neyland, M.S.Ed and supported by certified coach Steven Torres and intern, Gabby Longobardi, the program provided completion certificates to all 8 students!
This year, 18 summer workshop students embarked on a learning and filmmaking experience that developed skills, friendships, and brought lots of laughs to each other and to the audience! This years premiere was held on Nov. 14th, at Teaneck Cinemas. Both 2020 and 2021 films were premiered to an intimate audience of family and friends!

Special Thanks to Raul Barcelona, Ph. D., Program Director and his crew: Jay Neyland, MS, Cedric Dimapilis, Steven Torres, and our summer intern Gabby Longobardi!

Next summer we will offer 2 FilmJam Workshops
Aug. 1-12 and Aug. 14-26
Contact us for more information!
a 2 year film making program for uniquely abled adults.
Contact us for the curriculum details and enrollment pre-requisites.
Learn, Create, Produce, Earn...
Program Director - Dr. Raul Barcelona
NJ DDD Authorized - Contact us for details!
DramaJam Theatrical Troupe

2021 was a very active year with many of our students returning in person. After the isolation and issues of the pandemic, so many of our talented MJK students were eager to learn, create, explore and expand themselves. Weekly rehearsals and creativity continued and the DramaJam troop rallied with another amazing show under the direction of Willie Wilson and his dedicated support team!

Our troupe made it back into the George Frey Theater on Sept. 30th with another SMASH HIT!

Hopes, Dreams & Wishes III, highlighted the musical, “The Jungle Book” and delighted family and friends during this enchanting performance! An audience of 100 were roaring with laughter and tears as the members brought life back to live performance!

Cast: Benjamin Warren, Drew DePaola, Elena Gertsek, Erin DeThomasis, Ivy Dumlao, Jacob Kaminer, Joseph Tapiculin, Josh Jones, Julia Morriss, Melissa Friedman, Melvin Barreto, Michael Hansen, Michael Silverman
Crew: Director - Willie Wilson, Assist. Dir. - Teresa DeFabrizio, Cedric Dimapilis, Raul Barcelona, Nelson Cruz, Cathy DePaola, & Jay Neyland
Digital Arts Department
Digital Photography and Graphic Design

Bringing the artform full circle is what we are all about! Logan takes merchandise shots for our soon to be launched online store and will receive credit for his work!

Creating opportunities through mastering artistic skills and maintaining mental health is an important goal toward success. It's happening and we are super excited for our student artists and the consumers who will enjoy our very exclusive line of merchandise!

Stay tuned for the grand opening of
MarbleJam Arts
Designed with LOVE
Stunning Leather Tote
Our photography students took to the parks for landscape photography and incorporated humor 'Blending with the Animals' segment of the class!
Raul Barcelona, Ph.D. does make it fun for all...
Supporting future professionals in the fields of education, creative arts therapies, psychology and social work are critical to the advancement of adaptive and innovative approaches to care.

This year, MarbleJam Music Therapy department joined forces with Montclair State University to host music therapy practicum and intern students, fulfilling a longtime goal of advancing music therapy practices and supporting the future of this dynamic therapeutic intervention.

Special thanks to the John J. Cali School of Music department head Dr. Brian Abrams, and our own Tania Kendrick, MT-BC, LCAT, NMT, who's guidance and support is providing these students a rare opportunity to learn in our unique arts environment. We welcomed Steffi, Tyler, Victoria, and Rachel will join in 2022!
Multi-Arts, Instructional Art, & Social CATS Programs
bring the arts to life 6 days a week!
Artwork - Angled Angels created by Stacy Cortez- (Paint on Canvas)
Artwork - Vivid Universe, created by Elijah Maru - (melted crayon on canvas)

Multi-Arts, Instructional Art, & Social CATS Programs

Our arts & enrichment programs grew to encompass design and crucial elements of art. yoga, fitness, music and expanded with new faces and old friends returning.

Movement in Multi Arts has triumphed through the pandemic and zooms. Our students have let go of sluggish, sedentary behavior and enjoyed music, dance combinations, functional training and social language. The progress that many of our students have made emphasize how powerful the goals and strategies of movement in our Multi Arts & SCAT Program truly is. I'm so humbled, those with minimal physical ability are showing a heightened interest in movement and self expression. - Maria Trice Jenkins, CPT


Adaptive Art Instruction provides children of all ages and adult learners a way they are able to create and express themselves with confidence! With the success of this past year, 2022 holds no bounds as the work speaks for itself.
Come paint and create with us! - Teresa DeFabrizio, MFA


Multi-Arts Music has been using Karaoke as a therapeutic tool to share and perform various types of music. Karaoke officially originated in Japan in the 1970’s. The word is a portmanteau of shortened versions of the words for empty (kara) and orchestra (oke), creating karaoke, or “empty orchestra.” Karaoke has aided in restoring the experience that students missed out on in person performances when concerts were canceled. It has given our students a chance to share their talents, build confidence, and express emotion in a communal way.
This holiday, enjoy the gift of music. May your holiday no longer be at a musical rest–– karaoke. Ker-ē-ˈō-kē: Empty Orchestra - Cedric Dimapilis, MT
Online remote learning. High school kids with computer having video conference chat with teacher and class group. Teenager studying from home. Homeschooling during quarantine and coronavirus outbreak.
At MarbleJam, we believe the learning never stops. Our students continued to be provided with remedial and educational services during this pandemic.

Office 365 classes prepares the learner for future employment options as they hone computer skills for the 21st century. Tutoring services, career planning, life skills, and social skills within the curriculum of our services has continued for those students who are able to participate. Some have now acquired employment due to the hard work and dedication of their participation!

Congratulations to Christopher, Jorge, Melvin, Erin, Elijah, and Chris!
Developing Social and Life Skills Etiquette extends beyond school and programs. Simply Social invites learners to enjoy meetups with scheduled community outings each month under the guidance and support of our professional staff.

Some of the meetups include: Karaoke Night, Bowling Night, Art Party, Theater Night at Bergen Pac and more... Adults only ages 21 and up!
Meetups occur every 4th Friday of the month.
We will be adding 2 more studios to our center. Our goal is to create more options that serve our students and their families by offering collaborations with creative arts therapies and adaptive learning experiences providing a holistic approach to care. Additional services will include OT and Speech!

Please Visit Us! We provide 15 minute walk throughs Mon.- Fri. 11am-2pm by appointment only.

THURS. MAY 19TH, 2022
New Milford, NJ


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Treasurer - Michael Pedulla, CPA
Secretary - Rebecca Stern
Board Trustees: Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Robin Messing-Bogdanoff, Nick Mamary, CPA, John Stern, Esq., Johan Bager, PMP
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