December 2020
Happy Holidays from the
Gout Education Society!

The Gout Education Society is committed to raising public awareness of gout and arming people—like you—with resources to help you better understand gout and treatment options.

As with any holiday for gout sufferers, it's important to be aware of the foods and beverages that may trigger flares. However, if you have your uric acid levels under control, you should essentially be able to eat whatever you want within reason.

You can help to avoid the vicious and debilitating cycle of gout flares by visiting a rheumatologist or other gout specialist. Need a doctor? Use our Gout Specialists Network Medical Professional Locator to find a specialist near you!

Remember—just like St. Nick checks his list twice, it is also important to check your uric acid levels twice per year and aim for 6.0 mg/dL or below. Use our handy "Go For Six" Score Card, to help keep track of levels and the dates you were last checked. With the right treatment plan, formulated just for you by your gout specialist, you can stop feeling trapped by gout.

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Gout Treatment During the Pandemic
The University of Alabama is looking for people with gout to take this brief survey about gout treatment during the coronavirus epidemic.

The survey is for research purposes only, and the information gained may advance the university's understanding and treatment of people with gout.
Featured Educational Fact Sheet:
Medical Advice for Patients with Gout
Download and print this fact sheet to understand what happens during a gout flare and how treatment can help. If you don't mind waiting until we can ship printed copies (free-of-charge to any place in the U.S.), let us know what you need.

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