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The INvisible Project

Photography and stories to illustrate the day-to-day struggles of real people living with chronic pain. 

The goal is to make visible the experiences and challenges that are oftentimes hidden, ignored or misunderstood.


U.S. Pain Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the 2015 INvisible Project this January!


We would like to acknowledge and thank our upcoming participants - Anthony Ameen, Casey Cashman, Emily Lemiska, Guy LoPresti, JP Summers, Lynne Popadak, Melanie Dickens, Michele Rice, Nick Duggan and Robert Foley - for being a part of this profound campaign.


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View: "In Their Own Words - The INvisible Project 2015"

December 11, 2015
Holiday Cheer!
December 2015
To My Fellow Pain Warriors and Friends:

The U.S. Pain Foundation is so grateful for all the support and help you have given us this year. We have grown so much throughout 2015, and hope that we can continue to do so in the next year. Thank you all for your help in this process, we are so honored to have such great partners, advocates, ambassadors, and members! 

We have so much in store for you in 2016, and we look forward to having each and every one of you be a part of our new year! But first we would like you to have a wonderful and fulfilling holiday season. From the U.S Pain Family to yours, we would like to wish you a Happy Holidays!

Thank you for being a part of our mission - to improve the lives of those living with pain by validating chronic medical conditions and educating others. You are all pain warriors. U.S. Pain is here to help. 


Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons with low-pain and high-spirits days,


Paul Gileno

            Founder & President, U.S. Pain Foundation

Help Us Help You: 
Take the Survey 

As a chronic pain focused organization,  U.S. Pain Foundation tracks bills across the nation that directly impact the pain community. With so many bills being introduced, advocates (or soon-to-be advocates!) are unsure how they can  participate for positive change. We're here to help!

We are increasing our efforts to assist  you  with  finding your voice and becoming involved through the creation of an  Advocacy Survey.   Although we have a clear understanding of those topics which are important to pain survivors, we wish to gain an even more specific picture as to what truly is significant for all who wish to become involved in the area of pain patient advocacy.

U.S. Pain has been and continues to put an emphasis on changing how healthcare professionals, insurance companies, legislators and government perceive chronic pain. Our Advocacy Team needs YOUR help  to ensure lawmakers and those within the healthcare field hear our pain stories before making decisions that will influence how chronic pain is treated. 

We thank you in advance for taking a few moments of your time to answer our advocacy survey and hope to work with you on advocacy ventures in 2016! 

Take The Survey

Thank You for Participating in #Knowvember

Last month, we began our #Knowvember campaign, sharing our belief that Knowledge is Power. In light of all of your support, we would like to say Thank You! Education is the key to change. We would also like to share the recordings of some of the webinars we hosted throughout the month, in case you missed them. If you would like the see any of the Twitter chats, please go Twitter and search the hashtag #KNOWvember. Thank you for your participation in #KNOWvember!

Insurance 101:

Light Therapy Webinar Recording:  
Take Control of Your Pain:
 Palm Springs

As 2016 is nearing, the U.S. Pain Foundation is continuing our efforts at education and helping those struggling in pain. Our first event on the calendar is on the schedule! Join us for first Take Control of Your Pain Event of 2016!

When: Thursday, February 16, 2016
Time: 1:00-6:00 PM
Where: Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel
     Palm Springs, California 
FREE to Attend! 

Enjoying The Holidays!

Listen to your body. This seems obvious, right? However, it seems that when the holidays come around, we forget our bodies need certain things to thrive i.e. rest, continuing our regular routines, and ensuring we take our medications on time. No matter how much fun you are having, listen to your body.

If you are traveling, pack your medications in your carry-on luggage to ensure safe arrival.  You are able to get through security with liquid medication, however I always carry a note from my doctor, just in case you get a cranky TSA agent! Also, make certain you have enough medication for your entire trip; not only do you not want to spend a day at the nearest pharmacy, but you also don't want to be stuck trying to find your prescribing doctor while he is vacationing. If you are traveling, you can get your medications early, by showing the pharmacy your itinerary. If your doctor is traveling, then make sure you discuss the refill of your scheduled medications before they leave.

Continue with your daily routine, as much as possible. If you meditate for 20 minutes after you get up, then do your meditation! Keep your daily routines as close to regular as possible. If you have any machines or tools you use regularly, continue with those as well. Let's not forget self-care! This includes following our dietary restrictions! If you are going to a party, ensure that you have something that you can eat, whether that be a pre-packaged bar or a Tupperware with a meal for you. You can even bring an appetizer or dessert that follows your diet so everyone can enjoy!

Get your shopping done early! Stress is never good for our bodies, so the sooner the shopping is done, the less stress over gifts we have! Over the last few years, I have found it is easiest to shop online; where you can get everything from hostess gifts to clothes to toys! I have also found that as I print the receipt out, I write the name of the person it is for, which helps me remember who it is for, just in case I have a little brain fog when the box arrives!

Do your best! You don't have to turn into a superhero because the holidays have arrived, just simply do your best! Enjoy yourself as much as your body allows, and then relax and be proud of how much you were able to do!  Don't forget all you were able to do simply because you are unable to do one thing.

Finally, Happy Holidays!! Wishing you all happiness and low-pain days this holiday season!!

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Don't Forget U.S. Pain has joined forces with AmazonSmile! 

Visit and choose U.S. Pain Foundation, then complete your order through AmazonSmile. Amazon will give to U.S. Pain in the form of a donation! There is no cost to you for shopping through AmazonSmile!


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