As you embrace this holiday season, we thank you for your steadfast support. When you support Children's Law Center, you make the difference in hundreds of children's lives.

Who does your donation support?
Who does your donation support?
Youth victims of crime, abuse, and neglect
Youth experiencing poverty and homelessness
Youth victims of human trafficking and intimate partner violence
Youth re-entering society from out-of-home placement 
Youth in need of education advocacy
Youth involved in high-conflict custody cases

Last year, through your support of Children's Law Center, you directly  served  532  children and youth.

Your donation makes it possible for a child with disabilities to receive the free appropriate public education they are unfairly denied.

Your generosity brings a homeless child from the street into a safe permanent place to call home.

Your contribution keeps a vulnerable child safe from neglect, harm and abuse.

Your donation helps clients like Najee
Only two weeks after school began, Najee found himself on the street . CLC worked to assist securing Najee a stable and supportive home with his former basketball coach. His CLC Youth in Transition Advocate  provided multiple supports for Najee and his host family, including helping the family to navigate and provide Najee's basic needs, aiding Najee in applying for jobs, and encouraging Najee to maintain his grades . Najee just began his freshman year at Northern Kentucky University on a full scholarship.  "CLC is awesome!
They have worked with me and the host family, and never let me doubt myself. Thanks for believing in me!" -Najee

A message from our Executive Director
"Thank you for making 2017 another remarkable year for the Children's Law Center! Ou r dedicated staff has worked hard to provide quality legal representation to 532 children and youth this year. Your support will allow us to assist many more children in the coming year. We are looking forward to much more in 2018."

- Acena Beck

As you celebrate the holidays and you look to the New Year, please consider donating to Children's Law Center, where your contribution directly improves the quality of life for children and youth.
Thank you!