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Volume 5 Issue 11 December 2018
Happy Holidays!
To all of our providers, families and friends--we wish you a wonderful holiday season. Take a moment to reflect and relax: watch a holiday movie, decorate together with your friends and family, or just read some holiday stories. Whatever you choose to do, try to immerse yourself fully in the moment, for time passes much took quickly! Thank you to our wonderful providers, our colleagues, and the families that have welcomed us into your homes. Enjoy the holidays.
Toys for Children with Autism
Finding appropriate toys for children with autism can be very frustrating to say the least. Color, texture and function become important factors in the search, and it's difficult to find just the right gift. To help you with your holiday gift shopping, take a look at these lists:
Holiday Tips for Families of Children with Sensory Needs
The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, but it's also a time full of bright lights, loud music and crowds. For children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), this time of year can be very difficult. Read our latest blog post for tips on how to navigate the season with SPD.
Some Comic Relief
We're deep in it! If you need a quick laugh, take a look at this video of talk-show host Ellen playing with customers at Target during holiday shopping.
Attend a Free Workshop!
Be sure to regularly check our  Event Calendar! MKSA offers free provider workshops and free parent workshops. These give our providers opportunities to stay current on issues while maintaining their professional development hours. And we are looking to connect in more ways with families--whether in our program or not--to provide information and strategies on typical childhood topics. We hope to see you soon!
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Reading Recommendations
We continue our list of recommended books. This month's theme is the holidays:
 - How to Catch An Elf by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton
- What Should Danny Do? by Ganit & Adir Levy
- Elmo's Little Dreidel by Naomi Kleinberg and Christopher Moroney

Did You Know?
Special dates celebrated in December include:
7 - Letter Writing Day
13 - Ice Cream Day
21 - Look on the Bright Side Day
So...grab some paper and a pen (no email here!) along with a bowl of your favorite flavor, and be happy!

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