No matter what holiday you celebrate, we'd like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season filled with peace, love and harmony.

As we look back on the past year, we want to recognize the many generous volunteers who have given so much of their time, friendship, rides/missions and kindness to our patients.
The Houston Ground Angels' Website

The website is running very slow. There are some pages missing and patients need to call Mary to request a mission. To sign up to take a mission, you have to go to www.HoustonGroundAngels.org, then click on Volunteer, then Find a Mission. The shortcuts are not working. If you have any problems, you can call Mary, 281-900-7377. Please know, we are working to fix these problems .

Houston Ground Angels
Management Review
December 2019
Tony Castiglie, Vice President and Treasurer
We look forward to the upcoming Christmas and Holiday Season. These seasons always seem like they sneak up on us, here and gone before we have a chance to get into the spirit. Something that has always worked for me is playing Christmas music beginning just before Thanksgiving, whether it be radio, cable or CD. It lightens me up.
The Stats
·       Missions Run, November – 247; previous November high, 224 in 2018.
·       Missions Run, 2019 – 3,581; previous high – 2,905 in 2015.
·       Daily Average – 11; the best ever.
·       Monthly Average – 326; previous high - the best ever.
·       Annual Forecast – 3,900.
·       Volunteers Running Missions – 70.
·       Unfulfilled Missions – 80 (2.19%).
·       Uber Missions – 1,276; 37% of total.
The Archangels
Of the 3,581 missions run this year, 48 percent of which are run by the Archangels, our 2019 Top 10 volunteers:
Dick Stabell 434
Charles Whitworth 327
Sandra Begalke 243
Gerry Rein 196
David LaFargue 127
Tony LaRosa 115
Edie Cantu 93
Derek King 78
Jacko Garret 59
Bo Hunter 58
We are deeply appreciative for the dedication of all our volunteers, but there are always a few who stand out. Dick Stabell continues to amaze. January through November, there are 334 days meaning Dick has averaged more than one mission a day for the whole year. Gerry Rein also continues to amaze. His first mission was August 5, and has already run 196 missions. That’s more than two per day! Really special! And so are all the Archangels.
The real success of this organization has always been those select few who run lots of missions, some who have been with us for many years and have chalked up big numbers. The accumulative contribution of these volunteers:
All Time and Still Active
C harles Whitworth 1,788
Sandra Begalke 1,142
Charles Gibson 839
Dick Stabell 800
Mary Hutto 636
Uber continues to work out well, at least in terms of providing ground transportation for medical patients between airports and Texas Medical Center. Our unfilled missions have dropped dramatically. But this is coming at great financial costs, costs which we are unable to sustain. Our mission is to offer compassion and information to patients in need, not just a free ride. The Board of Directors addressed this issue at the last meeting, deciding to halt the program. But the problem was that we had already made commitments to some patients that are in need of the service. The decision was made to modify, rather than completely stop the program. Mission Coordinators Mary Hutto and Kathy Cardiff have developed, over the years, a relationship with most patients and are able, for the most part, to identify the truly needy. As a result, our Uber November expense dropped by over 50 percent from October. 
We have been working on the Mission Management System for some time and are beginning to make some progress. Our short-term objective is to stabilize the system by bringing it up to current software and standards. From there, we expect to make improvements to both the system and website. However, the transition has come with some real glitches and we are working through them. The volunteers will be kept abreast of the project’s status.
Welcome New Volunteers
November brought us Chuck Hoffheiser, a friend of volunteer Hank Klein. Chuck resides near The Woodlands. Also joining us is Gerardo Moreno, an Uber driver who lives just west of Bear Creek. Welcome aboard and thank you for joining. You will find this a very rewarding experience.
As always, to every volunteer who steps up, thanks for your contribution. 2019 has been good for Houston Ground Angels. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and will have a joyous Christmas and Holiday Season. Peace and love to all.
Houston Ground Angels' Facebook Page

HGA's Facebook page was inactive for a while, but it is now back up and ready for your posts. Please share your stories, no names of patients though and please nothing political. Here is the page:
Holiday Shopping

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If you shop at Kroger or Randall's and have their courtesy card, please choose Houston Ground Angels as your charity of choice. Also, if you shop Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile, which is the same as Amazon, it just means that a portion of every purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice and we hope you pick Houston Ground Angels.


From all of us,
to all of our volunteers,
we thank each of you for all you do for so many.
Have a wonderful holiday
and we hope to see you soon
at the next event.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!