"It makes me feel much better knowing there are people like you guys in the world." 
-Upper Valley high school student
Happy Holidays from WISE

We are so grateful for the many ways that you, our very WISE community, support us in our mission. Some of you have been a part of the WISE family since the beginning, many of you have been with us for several decades, a lot of you have joined us more recently. To each and every one of you, we send a heartfelt thank you for standing with us to support survivors and to create a more peaceful Upper Valley. Click here for our 2021 holiday message.

"At Mascoma Bank, we are so proud to support WISE in our communities. The work WISE does every day inspires and challenges people to be better, to care for each other, to embrace empathy and find hope in places where no one thinks to look. Thank you for your decades of commitment and leadership." Clay Adams, President - Chief Executive Officer, Mascoma Bank

"Through life-changing individual support, community outreach, workplace education, and so much more, WISE provides the Upper Valley with critical transformative leadership aimed at ending gender-based violence. While ending violence is the goal, our support is more important than ever to ensure WISE is prepared to meet the ongoing challenge of domestic abuse. Throughout the pandemic, the staff of WISE adapted to serve and support survivors, as needs persisted and even increased. The WISE team is remarkable in its passion and dedication to this very often heartbreaking work." Karen Colberg, WISE Board Member, and Erik Colberg

"As a school-based counselor, I frequently lean on WISE to support students when it comes to gender-based violence, which impacts young people more often than we’d hope. I am grateful to be able to foster a relationship between students and WISE’s network of advocates who can support them outside of school, whether they need help once or at multiple points over the course of their lives." Kara Toms, Student Assistance Provider, Thetford Academy
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2022 Covered Bridges Half Marathon
After 2 years of virtual racing, the 30th annual Covered Bridges Half Marathon is scheduled to run in-person on June 6, 2022.

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