December 2020 E-Newsletter - Week 4
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Elegant Sunbird by Nancy Evans, Inspired by Endangered Species exhibition.
Around the Region

Square Foot Fiber Art Pin Up Show entry forms will be available in early 2021.Everyone can enter this free exhibition with the optional theme "joy".
Studio Tour - Kathy Colt

January 3rd - A studio contains the hopes, aspirations, anxieties, the day-to-day plod, the process, and the product of any artist-designer-maker. Kathy Colt’s studio accommodates a wide range of processes and activities, including painting, printing, apparel production, work display, teaching, and consulting. Join us for a virtual visit to the many corners of Kathy’s fine-tuned but flexible home-based workspace! Register today and start 2021 off on an inspirational note! - 678.235.4328