Dear Friends,
Throughout the past year we have been able to support over 1200 underprivileged children in Thailand, Morocco, Burkina Faso and Cambodia.  Our support ensures children have access to quality education, basic nutrition and health care, from kindergarten to Professional School.  Since our founding in 2005, we count today over 450 students that have earned a Professional school degree and whose lives have been forever transformed for the better. Heart-warming success stories from our students and their achievements strengthen our resolve to do more.  We thank our partners, volunteers, and donors who allow us to continue working in a volunteer based model so that 100% of donations received go directly to support scholarship programs and projects on location.
This holiday season, get involved and commit to helping one or more children obtain an education and achieve their dreams. With only 200 Euros you can provide schooling, basic nutrition, and health care to a child in need for one year.  Only 2400 Euros will provide for the long-term education of one  child up until the completion of Professional School.  No matter how small, every contribution will make a difference for our beneficiaries .

Thank you for your continuous trust and support.
Best Wishes for a peaceful and meaningful New Year,
Pasquale Pistorio