With the seasonal holiday upon us, we are sending, for each of you, our good wishes for a merry and meaningful celebration. As we contemplate the work of Dialogue on Diversity for the year ahead, getting off a new decade, we proudly note as well that this is also the thirtieth anniversary of the work of our Dialogue. You have attended to our programs and have drawn inspiration and constructive thoughts from our long series of colloquia and conferences, held in the Washington region and abroad.
We are designing for the 2020 calendar a series of events memorializing our continuing efforts in discussions of social and economic matters, women’s history and the special issues of concern to women, the lot of the diverse ethnic and social communities within our home population and those as well in fields further off. 
We invite each of our friends, those from the many civil society groups sharing our discussion-space in this debate-filled city, our many sponsoring companies and supporting organizations, and our circle of social-policy aficionados and STEM and STEAM advocates, our passionate promoters of early childhood education and the fostering of a human capital renascence as part of the good society that we each, in our special way, unfailingly aim for — we hope each of you will join us through the year ahead in celebrating our anniversary, which bespeaks a longevity not achieved by every organization, and we invite as well your contributions in support of the flourishing of Dialogue on Diversity as an independent, many-faceted entity, a very special voice in our social discourse.
Upcoming Dialogue Events in 2020
Join us as we celebrate our 30th year !!
February 20 -- Internet Data Privacy Conference :
The Internet, Privacy, The Future of Data
April 24 -- Public Policy Forum :
The March of Women's History
June 27 -- Health Care Symposium :
Micro and Macro in Universal Health Care
September 25 -- Entrepreneurship / Information Technology The Age-Old Lure of the Ever-Renewing World
December 7 -- Holiday Fair & Children's Gift Collection
As Dialogue continues its support of the development of enterprises and entrepreneurs, especially Latina run businesses competing in a digital age, we ask that you remember to contribute in this season of giving. For thirty years, support for Dialogue on Diversity's annual program agenda has come from corporate and individual contributions. Your support is valuable to us, and we thank you for your sponsorship.
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