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Happy Holidays!


With 2021 coming to a close, I would like to thank my staff, our partners, and everyone who has helped ATP serve Nebraska this past year. It is a privilege to do the work that we do, and we couldn’t do it without the support of so many caring agencies and people.

I hope you enjoy our program highlights of the past year and join us in celebrating our success!

From everyone here at ATP, we wish you and your families a safe and Happy Holiday season!

-Tobias J. Orr, Director

Equipment Reuse-a gift that keeps giving!

Larry and Mac Tuesday.jpg

When Larry of Lincoln retired his goal was to get a dog. Last January that goal became a reality when Mac, a golden retriever, moved in with Larry. 

It wasn’t long before Larry realized the growing puppy needed more walking than Larry’s health could manage. Diabetes affects his feet and limits the amount of walking he can do on a daily basis. Larry and Mac's goal is to walk two to five miles a day.

Larry knew a scooter would be beneficial and expensive. He contacted his insurance and it was an item that was not covered.

A call to ATP solved the problem. Within a couple weeks Larry was matched with a scooter that had been donated.

Larry says, "The scooter makes it possible for me to walk Mac everyday and do errands—and I am keeping my feet healthy. When I drop my hat, gloves or mask because my hands are stiff due to gout and diabetes, Mac picks them up."

Larry has attached bells to Mac's harness to help him know where he is located. People tell him it sounds like Santa coming down the street and during the summer an ice cream truck!

A direct and compelling headline

Funding Coordination

Angie Ransom

Resource Specialist

Statewide funding coordination continues to be a valuable and impactful piece of ATP’s services. Funding coordination includes implementing the Service and Device Application (S&D) for requests for assistive technology (AT). This can include small requests for AT including apps for smart phone devices to home modifications like stairglides (photo below), ramps, and bathroom modifications. The S&D is an individual application that encourages Nebraskans to identify the need they have to maintain independence at home, school, and work.


Collaboration of services following the S&D is a key piece for connecting the potential resources that are requested. This includes our multi-agency partners. ATP is grateful for these partners who continue to provide funding options, in addition to the coordinated assistance that is provided to help each applicant with facilitation of resources.

ATP Advisory Council

ATP held two council meetings in 2021. The council has established a committee to update the by-laws.

The next ATP advisory council meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 11, 2022. Check our web site calendar for more information.

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Nebraska VR

Brooke Harrie

Program Supervisor

Sue is right handed and has used a prosthesis for years to assist her with her work and activities of daily living due to an amputation below the elbow.

Her prosthesis was no longer reliable and was unable to be repaired. She was referred to ATP by Nebraska VR to help identify a solution. Sue worked with Technology Specialist, Pam Cody of the Kearney ATP office. Together Sue and Pam were able to locate a new prosthesis that would meet her needs.

With the help of VR and her insurance, Sue was able to obtain a new myoelectric controlled prosthesis with grasp capability. Myoelectric prostheses

offer the ultimate combination of function and natural appearance. Designed to mimic human anatomy and motion, electronic components are the closest alternative to an anatomical hand or arm.


This new device not only allows Sue to maintain her independence, but she is also able to continue to helping others in her work at the Housing Authority. Now that is something to celebrate!


Brooke Harrie

Program Supervisor

The iCanConnect (iCC) Program is also known as the National Deaf Blind Equipment Distribution

Program. This is a nationwide program that provides telecommunication equipment and training to low-income individuals with significant hearing and vision loss. The Assistive Technology Partnership is responsible for coordinating the program for the state of Nebraska.

The program can provide equipment for telecommunication such as smart phones, computers, magnification software, braille

displays and signaling devices.

For more information and to complete an application

ican connect photo.jpg

Read a heartwarming story of two sisters from Colorado who are deaf blind and are able to keep

in touch with friends and family, thanks to iCanConnect

(877) 713-4002

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May Faith

Program Supervisor

2021 has been a challenging year for all. As ATP has continued to work with Nebraska Health and Human Services projects as well as Division of Developmental Disabilities systems projects, Technology Specialists continued to utilize PPE when they had in-person contact with individuals. To further encourage safety and wellness for all, ATP has continued mailing letters asking consumers and others present in the home during the assessment, to wear PPE as well. Technology Specialists were also offered the opportunity to receive vaccinations to safeguard themselves.


ATP has been able to provide additional support and outreach in the past year in the form of Service Coordinator training and online presentations for many groups seeking additional information about our programs. People have been excited to utilize the available services ATP offers that they were unaware of.  

As a team, the HHS Technology Specialists and administration have felt fortunate to be able to continue to serve consumer needs throughout 2021 and find gratitude for all the parties that have helped make it possible to continue moving forward.

bathroom brightened. _2jpg.jpg

This bathroom is just one example of how individual needs are met with grab bars to make a bathroom accessible.

From people directing PPE throughout the state, to those procuring PPE for us, to Services Coordinators and other external partners, it has truly shown that working together makes all the difference in being able to continue the work we do. 

We want to thank everyone for their efforts and the positive working relationships that continue to grow from our contacts with all of you. 

Special Education Accessibility

Lilly Blase

ADA Coordinator


The Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP) is a partner with the Nebraska Department of Education, helping Nebraska schools (Pre-K-12) identify modifications that meet the needs of their special education students and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These needs can range from preschool accessible play and accessible toileting to specialized transportation as needed to accessible life skills home like areas and access to transition to work experiences. The goal of finding customized solutions that help students be independent and at the same time integrate into the existing facility can take some exploration. 


ADA school consultations occur on an as needed basis. During the coronavirus pandemic, more electronic reviews and phone discussions of proposed access projects are happening using shared digital materials dependent on the specific project nature. On-site visits can be coordinated on a case-by-case determination. On-going technical information is provided for concerns such as accessible parking specifications.


Also, ATP continued work with the NDE Career and Technical Education 2020 reviews of preselected secondary and community college locations for ADA accessibility, Title VI, Title IX, and civil rights were done virtually using Zoom and Teams video interviews & Google shared files. 

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Education Program

Brian Wojcik

Education Program Supervisor

The Education Program continues to serve and support those who are working with students receiving special education services to provide high quality assistive technology services. We have been working with a number of communities of practice, two book studies, a RESNA Fundamentals Course, and a n2y Coaching Course. 

We invite all Nebraska residents to check out and engage with the following FREE resources on assistive technology devices and services for children/students receiving special education services: