Message from Yvonne Fischbach, Executive Director
Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District
While 2020 proved to be a hugely challenging and sad year in our country’s history due to COVID-19, we at Hyland Hills are forging into the new year with resolute hope and optimism. Our staff has proven to be tenacious and is committed to continuing to do our part to help the community heal in 2021 by offering the full array of healthy recreational programming, athletics, facilities, and parks Hyland Hills is known for, when we are able to do so by official order. 

While our optimism is tempered by the scale, dissemination, timing and promise of the new vaccines, when the time comes, Hyland Hills will be ready to provide the full operation of our Park and Recreation District with the quality you have come to expect. I am happy to share that our team has been successful in keeping a fierce maintenance pace and is proceeding with several planned projects that we are looking forward to presenting to you soon. Notably, all this has been accomplished amid staff shortages and adherence to official mandates that shut down many Hyland Hills programs, closed some facilities altogether, and vastly restricted participation in others. Each of these situations required new operational guidelines to be put in place and then communicated to our user groups, and we have done that as well.
Realistically, even with the emergence of anticipated vaccines, COVID-19 will likely continue to rage for several more months of terrible illness, hospitalizations, and death ahead of us. Therefore, I want to encourage all Hyland Hills Residents to please stay safe, heed official warnings and plan to get the vaccine as soon as you are able.
In the meantime, let us all continue to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 by always wearing a mask, washing hands, staying at least 6 feet from others and being aware of official mandates.
I need to mention also that through all the hardships of the past 9 months, our Hyland Hills Residents have shown incredible patience and understanding of closures and ever-changing operating schedules here at the District, and we appreciate the level of cooperation we have received from this generous community. On behalf of the Hyland Hills Board of Directors and staff, THANK YOU to everyone.
We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and look forward to bringing all our programs and facilities to you as soon as possible.

Yvonne Fischbach
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In 2020 Golf rode a wave of popularity and the courses were packed all season long. This holiday season, get the perfect stocking stuffer for family and friends! Purchase one of our special packages at The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills. Offers include
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Adams County and the Adams County Foundation Show Support for Hyland Hills 
Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District received a $74,000 grant in November from the Adams County Foundation from funds provided by the Adams County COVID-19 Fund and CARES program allocations designated for community relief. The grant was made in recognition of a free summer swimming program provided by Hyland Hills during the anticipated 2020 no-fun-this-summer pandemic year.
Splashland Pool was selected because it is located at 68th and Irving Street, an at-risk area of the District, and where a severe need for some type of family recreation, especially during pandemic shutdowns, was clear.

The Hyland Hills Board of Directors had originally approached the District’s citizen-run Hyland Hills Foundation Board in May about financially supporting such a program for Hyland Hills Residents during the summer. That Board unanimously pledged its support. So, even though Hyland Hills would be experiencing a large financial setback in 2020 because it was not going to be able to open Water World due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the free-swimming program was initiated at a big expense to the District because the already growing pandemic-weary community in this area needed something positive and healthy to do. The Adams County Foundation grant is welcome assistance to Hyland Hills and will cover a big part of the program’s cost.

Considering that District kids had already been stuck at home for months as they and their parents were navigating their way through the unknown for the remainder of the school year at home, the community responded overwhelmingly by filling every available time slot of the program during the hot, dry 2020 summer. The hugely successful program is just one way Hyland Hills was able to provide a safe, fun summer activity for some of its citizens to enjoy a little normalcy in these otherwise heavily COVID-19 restrictive times.

So, on behalf of the entire Hyland Hills community, we want to acknowledge the support and generosity of Adams County and, specifically, the Adams County Foundation and the partnership we have enjoyed over the years, Thank You!
**In December, Adams County announced that COVID-19 testing will continue to be offered inside the Water World Parking Lot through March 31st. To get tested enter through our entrance on 90th just west of Pecos Street. Please stay safe this holiday season.