Happy Holidays 2022


We would like to wish you all the very happiest of holidays. May you all be blessed with a comfortable oasis filled with peace, relaxation, warmth and the company of loved ones. Per usual, there will be families here for the holidays as loved ones recover in the hospital. We will cover them in love and a holiday feast that we hope makes them feel just as if they are at home. During this week of celebration, we have been blessed with life-changing new transplants. While joyous for the season and for these gifts of life, we have also shared this home with dear friends of late and currently who have received devastating health news. This house so often teaches us just how precious life is and that holidays are to be celebrated when life is at it’s best and perhaps even moreso when life is at it’s worst. We love you all and appreciate everything you do to make this house such a special place. Happy Holidays!

Caregivers Are Our Greatest Gifts

In our almost 10 years of hosting transplant families, we have learned firsthand that the greatest ability of a successful caregiver is oftentimes quite simply their availability. To be ever present and in the moment when needed and well rested and rejuvenated in those rare free moments is such a key to a successful recovery. We have seen so many truly amazing caregivers in action since opening our doors and particularly of late. In a season of gift giving please know that the way you rally around your loved ones and respond to adversity is amongst the greatest gifts possible. From family members who put everything on hold because they care about you more than anything, to nurses who we so often hear about going the extra mile in their care, to dear friends who will shovel the driveway, watch the dog, manage the farm and check on your house while you are away, to the hospital staff who answers each call, calms every nerve and stops and chats as a friend. These are all priceless acts that are greater than any gift. We celebrate all of you who have gone above and beyond!

RHTH Transplant Family In Their Own Words

"Hi! My name is Tonya. My husband Cedric was a kidney transplant recipient and we are so grateful. There can be anxiety when dealing with a loved one who is experiencing organ failure. To go to Madison and experience the warm welcome of Cindy and Eric at Restoring Hope Transplant House was life changing. The environment at Restoring Hope was warm, kind, peaceful and welcoming. I’m actually humbled and changed forever. To Cindy, Eric and all the women whose loved ones received a transplant, thank you!"

Thank You For Spreading Holiday Cheer

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who stopped by with treats, mailed in cards filled with kind words, sent incredible donations, brought us timely essentials to share with our families and just filled this house with the holiday spirit. We are beyond grateful to you all!

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