From Your Friends at the Ikeda Center
Dear Friends,

From all of us at the Ikeda Center to you, we warmly wish you happy holidays! Whichever celebrations you may be partaking in this year, and wherever you are in the world, we hope that the season finds you in good health and high spirits.

2019 has been a groundbreaking year for us—from reaching our highest attended Dialogue Nights to hosting an entirely youth-led Ikeda Forum, and much, much more. To read more about our highlights from the year, please see the links in the sections below.

We are truly grateful for your continued support through attending our activities, sharing our resources with friends, or engaging in more heart-t0-heart dialogues in your daily lives! We look forward to a new decade of peacebuilding together with you!

Our warmest regards,

Ikeda Center Staff
Events: Ikeda Forum, Dialogue Nights
Ikeda Forum

On Friday, October 25, we hosted our 15th annual Ikeda Forum called "Can Dialogue Save the World? Exploring the Power of Human Connections." This year's forum featured the dialogic experiences of eight young professionals who engaged in ongoing, transformative dialogue with established scholars in the Boston area.

View photos from the event here!
Dialogue Nights

Throughout the year, we hosted five   Dialogue Nights! Our most well-attended event brought more than eighty participants together to talk about the loneliness epidemic. Full recaps of each event are available  here. We thank you for your continued interest and support!
Seminars: Scholars and Students
Art of Classroom Dialogue

In April, four seasoned education professors joined us to discuss their experiences facilitating dialogue in education settings.

Dignity Re-Examined

In May, established and emerging scholars reconvened for part two of their discussion on dignity across diverse disciplines.

Ed Fellows Seminar

This summer, our current Education Fellows met with the Advisory Council to discuss their progress on their respective research and dissertation activities

Publications: Who's Talking About Them?
Excerpts From Recently Published Book Reviews of

“As an engaged party in any conflict situation, it is challenging to hold onto one’s own beliefs, while respectfully listening to and considering the perspectives of the other. The techniques on self and interpersonal development [in this volume] make valuable contributions to enabling people to develop these abilities within themselves and their relationships.”

Beth Fisher-Yoshida, Academic Director of MS in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program (NECR), Columbia University; Review published in J ournal of Transformative Education


“What does Peacebuilding through Dialogue teach those of us who do and do
not work in formal educational settings? One lesson across all chapters is
the importance of first changing our own hearts. The examples in the book
clearly show that outer change always starts from inner change..."

Nozomi Inukai, D octoral Candidate in the College of Education,
DePaul University; Review published in Schools: Studies in Education


“T his volume offers in-depth and rigorous insight into the theory and practice of dialogue in education, personal development, and peacebuilding, insight that seems of even greater ethical and political importance today.”

Dale Snauwaert, Professor of Educational Theory and Peace Studies,
The University of Toledo; Review published in In Factis Pax

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