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Cultural Arts  
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School Sports Information
If you have a question about weather cancellations, call
the Athletic Hotline
for daily schedules & updates! 
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to learn of what's happening around the Tredyffrin & Easttown Townships

Conestoga Girls
Basketball Clinic
Jan. 6, 2019

Disclaimer:  TEMS  PTO  is not responsible for the activities or events of outside organizations. Local community organizations that primarily serve TEMS students may submit a request to have information posted in the Community Links section of the  PTO Blast  by sending an email to  temspto@gmail.com 

The links below provide grade level information about December school activities. 


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Has your child lost a coat, hat, sweatshirt, lunch box, or perhaps even a textbook? Then please check the Lost and Found display in the hallway to the Large Gym. Items not claimed by Winter Break will be donated to a local charity.
TEMS Annual Canned Food Drive

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Canned Food Drive.  We were able to send over 5200 donations to the Paoli Food Closet.  Congratulations to Mrs. Henry-Watson's homeroom who donated 397 items and were the top HR in the school.  Your HR can select a charity and Student Council will donate $250 in your names.  Also, anyone from her homeroom who plans to attend the Student Faculty Game in February will get a free ticket to it!  Honorable mention goes to Mrs. Kearns' HR who came in a close second with 388 donations.  Thanks again to everyone for their generosity.

to the  
* TEMS is now Recycling Old School Directories*
Please help us to protect our privacy and that of our children while we also help the environment. 
A recycling bin is located in the lobby at the front entrance.
All school directories in the district are accepted.
TEMS Recycles Holiday Lights - in the front entrance lobby bin 
Coming Soon:
Used Shoe Collection
Any style, size, gender or condition
Collection dates: Monday, January 14th through Thursday, January 31st, 2019
A collection box will be located in the front entrance lobby. Please rubber band or tie pairs together - single shoes accepted.  
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Heather Hill at 610-640-3805 or send her an e-mail at globularclusters@yahoo.com
For more on recycling visit TEMS Green Initiative link.

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Winter Sports Season Info
Basketball and Wrestling seasons have started! Catch a home game or match! Come cheer on your fellow Bulldogs!  

Game schedules are posted for the season
Click here to view!  

Have Fun and Let's GO BULLDOGS!  

Main Line Camp Fair
 January 16, 2019
at Conestoga High School

Cause it's never too early to think about Summer!
For more Details see the Flyer here

Reminder - Citadel Heart of Learning Nominations Are Due  By December 30

Each year since 2001, Citadel Bank and the Chester County Intermediate Unit have partnered to present the Citadel Heart of Learning Award to outstanding teachers in Chester County. This award program provides an opportunity to recognize teachers who have made a particular impact on their students, schools and communities. Last year, 42 teachers from T/E were nominated for the award. Please consider nominating one of our many dedicated and deserving teachers this year for the 2019 Citadel Heart of Learning award. This is just one small way to express gratitude for the outstanding commitment they have made to T/E students. If you are interested in nominating a TESD teacher, you may use the two links below. The first link provides much more detailed information about the awards process. The second link is a nomination form that can be completed online. The deadline for submission is December 31, 2018. Thank you for your consideration.
Office 365 Installations

Each 5 th- 12 th grade student receives (5) free copies of the Office suite (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote) through their Office 365 accounts. Students may download the software or individual apps onto any family Windows or Mac laptops, tablets, or phones. Students will follow the steps below for the installation process.
  1. On your laptop, tablet, or phone, visit http://portal.office.com on the Web browser of choice.
  2. Log into the site with your Office 365 user name (email address) and your network password.
  3. From the home page, click on the "Install Office" button at the top, right of the screen. The version will reflect the device you are accessing the site on.   
  4. Follow the installation prompts on your screen. Desktop versions of the Microsoft Suite will now be installed on your computer or apps will install on your device.
  5. Repeat these steps on each desired computer or device.
  6. To manage or deactivate past installations, click "My Account" in the drop-down menu below your name (top, right).
  7. Click "My Installs" in the left navigation menu
IMPORTANT Information from the School Nurse:

Lice can happen to anyone. Personal hygiene & home cleanliness has nothing to do with who gets head lice. It is typically seen in kids due frequent head to head contact. Lice do not carry any diseases. The nurse would appreciate being informed if your student has lice in order to track if there are multiple cases. The nurse will keep student names confidential.
Signs & symptoms:
Your student may start itching their head, state that they feel like something is moving in their hair or complain about itching or irritation of the skin on the back of their neck below the hair line.
What am I looking for?
Parents are encouraged to check their student's hair periodically and also, if their student is symptomatic. Nits (lice eggs) look like sesame seeds but are smaller. They stick to shafts of hair and are unable to be easily removed from the strand of hair. Live lice are brown in color, tiny & move very fast.
What should I do if I find lice (live or nits) on my student's head?
Treatment should be started immediately. There are multiple products that can be purchased from a local pharmacy as well as non-toxic options found on the internet. We recommend speaking with your pediatrician to discuss the best treatment option for your student. Daily combing of each section of hair for a minimum of a week to rid of all nits is the best way to ensure complete eradication of lice.
Fact about lice:
They cannot jump, fly or hop to another person. Their goal is to stay on the head where they presently live & to multiply. They cannot live without a human host. If even one nit remains on the head, lice can continue to hatch. Lice do not like the scent of tea tree oil. There are multiple hair care products on the market with tea tree oil in them that can be useful in repelling lice. Tea tree oil can be purchased and added to current shampoos & conditioners.
Feel free to contact the nurse if you have any questions.  
TEMS School Store Information 
PTO school store
Parents if you're looking for a way to volunteer at school and interact with the kids, Join the School Store staff!  Only a 2 hour commitment, once a month. Please contact temsstore@gmail.com for more information. Volunteer clearances are a requirement to work at the store.
Important Dates at TEMS... Calendar  
12/24 - 01/01/2019  Winter Break!
01/02    Classes Resume
01/09    PTO Meeting