December 2017
Positive  Community   Impact  
On  The  Holidays

This month, YouthZone wants to take the chance to talk about why helping each other isn't just a holiday tradition. For some holiday cheer click on the link below to listen to a carol as you read.  

Holiday Song
This month at YouthZone the Christmas tree has been raised and the lights have been hung. As families across Colorado begin to prepare for the coming holiday season, we're given the gift of slowing down. For a few days, we're able to sit and remember what truly matters: our health, our children, and the community that supports us. 

At YouthZone we believe that's the way it should be. We want to thank all of our
 donors for participating in ColoradoGives day this December, which raised an impressive 8500 dollars. By coming together we've been able to make an even bigger impact on all the families that benefit from the programming we all find so valuable. Additionally, The Aspen Community Foundation has gifted 20,000 this year and in 2018. Yes, it's nearly 2018. Most recently however, on December 13th, the El Pomar Karl Eitel Grant has gifted 4,000 to add to the fore mentioned generosity.

The families thank you. The community thanks you. YouthZone thanks you. 

If you hadn't heard, YouthZone is sponsoring the Manaus Valley project with a significant 5,000 dollar gift. This initiative, an interagency undertaking, serves to connect the community members, nonprofits, and donors of The Roaring Fork Valley with our neighbors in need. Encouraging inclusion, each meeting is supported by an interpreter, with the hope every voice is heard. We encourage you to attend one of your local house meetings to take action in improving each other's lives. 

Lastly, through no fault of our own, YouthZone has begun the search for a new home. The school board has graciously allowed YouthZone's home on their property, nearly rent free, for a handful of decades now. Unfortunately our time here will be ending. If you know of a new locale, please get in touch. For more information see the link to the Post Independent's article on the issue below.  

Thank you for continuing the tradition of community throughout the valley

Happy Holidays from Everyone at YouthZone
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