Well folks, we’re almost at the finish line of an incredible year! If you had asked me January 3rd of 2021 how I thought it was going to go, my answer would have probably been pretty bleak.  I  was alone for the holidays (which didn’t feel great), freshly single (not of my choosing), and just straight up burnt out from the pandemic (as you all were/are). 11 months later I’m so proud that I can say that I’ve turned all of that negativi-shit around!  (Yes I just made-up my own word)

Instead of burying my head in sorrow, I ran straight towards it. I asked for help, and I got it. First in the form of therapy, which I have to say, everyone should try. Then help came in the form of an assistant, and a bookkeeper - both women are fundamental not just to my success over the year, but also in strategic planning for 2022. (Because we’ll have to top 2021 somehow haha).

A lesson that pops up every few years for me since I’ve started my business is that when you experience a loss, or say “no” to a project or relationship that isn’t right for you, it leaves a lot of room for better possibilities. It doesn’t feel like a “better possibility” is going come when you’re down there in the sorrow spiral, but change is inevitable, and nothing stays the same for long. Including the heavy, uncomfortable emotions. (I hate when people say stuff like this, but it’s true!) I said no to a relationship with breakup pain, I said no to stress over learning accounting and the work load… and that made room for more collaborations, more time spent with friends I needed, a cute ass puppy,  more time in nature, and maybe a few awards ;) (Fatimah will fill you in on some the latest fun projects below)

There’s s till a bit of time left in 2021, I’m excited for what’s around the next corner for Coal and I. I hope to update you all one last time before the new year, but in the meantime - I wish you the happiest holiday season!  

Love u! 



Patrick's Promo
It's Patrick's favorite time of year and he's decided to gift you a month long promo.

Use it for holiday shopping for loved ones or with your PH gift cards that you received for your Boxing Day shopping.

From December 1st to 31st all prints are buy 1, get 1 free. Make sure to use the promo code HOLIDAYS241 at check out.
New Addition Alert
Who doesn't love a yard sale?

We are excited to introduce the Yard Sale section and everything is $30 or less.

The Yard Sale section contains old stock, samples and irregulars.
New Product Alert
Tis the season to dress up your tree and Patrick his putting his flare on our trees this year. Three designs are available. These make both great gifts or editions to your tree.

Make sure to grab your limited edition Patrick Hunter ornament while supplies. $40/each or trio box for $100.
What We've Been Up To
Once again Patrick makes magic with the Chicago Blackhawks. Check out this awesome helmet (named Courage) he designed for Marc Andre Fleury, the goalie of the Blackhawks for Native American Heritage Month in the US.

The inspiration was the 7 grandfathers represented by the feathers to pay homage to Fleury's wife Anbenaki who's Mi'Kmaq descent and woodland florals inspired by the beading found on Indigenous clothing, also florals and Fleury go together.

Male sure to check out the interviews above.
Besides hockey nothing is more Canadian than curling. Canada's Curling Team just got even more Canadian for the first time in history, having Indigenous artist designing their uniforms for the Winter Olympics.

Don 't worry you can show your Canadian pride in February 2022 by purchasing your own Team Canada fan gear also designed by Patrick.

Who knows maybe Patrick will snatch the gold and design for the whole of Team Canada at the 2024 Olympics, fingers crossed.
Patrick is no stranger to being praised for his accomplishments, but he still remains humble and gracious with every award received. This award season has been a busy one. After being nominated for three different awards, he walked away with 2.

The first was Pow Wow Pitch's the Entrepreneur Spirit Award (click image above for intro and acceptance speech, located at 19 minute mark).

Patrick was also nominated for CGLCC's Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. After losing this award in the past, this year was winner winner chicken dinner.
The holidays are right around the corner and Patrick Hunter Art & Design is gearing up to help make your shopping easier. Patrick along with several other Indigenous artists are being featured in the ANDPVA's Art Indigenous Market.

From now until December 24th you can purchase some of Patrick's art and wears in Leslieville at 1107 Queen St E. Click picture below for store hours.
Keep Your Eyes Open For
In the new year Patrick will finally be starting a new mural at Humber College (North Campus). If you happen to see him say, "Hi!" or if he happens to be finished by the time you make it up there, snap a pic and tag him @patrickhunter_art.

We never know what Patrick is going to surprise us with next, so make sure to keep your eyes posted to his social media in the new year. There are plenty of projects in the works.

Have a safe and happy holidays Hunteroos!
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