Generation Schools Network Presents Mindfulness Matters Workshop at Ohio Statewide Conference

GSN team members Jon Reinhard, Kate Lister, and Katie Peyton recently presented two 50-minute workshops at Ohio's statewide SOAR conference. SOAR brings together hundreds of educators from the highest performing districts across Ohio. Participants were enthusiastic about the topic of mindfulness and social/emotional health as they engaged in the research of its short- and long-term effects related to student performance. Each educator left with a Mindfulness Unit, which contained lessons and activities to begin mindfulness education in their schools. The activities were focused on improving participation and decreasing levels of stress for students with a wide variety of abilities and backgrounds. 

Generation School Students Participate in Computer Science Education Week and Learn to Code!

As part of Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), Brooklyn Generation School students learned Java programming. CSEdWeek is an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science. For the BGS students, it was both eye-opening and fun. 
Students actually started with a no-tech introduction -a winner-take-all contest to see who could list the exact steps needed for Principal Bomani to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then students got their hands on laptops. They used programming tools developed by and Khan Academy, arranging blocks of JavaScript to create programs that helped the rebel alliance save the galaxy from Darth Vadar and the Galactic Empire. 
Tiffany, a junior, was shocked at how much she enjoyed coding. "Who would have known I would have had so much fun doing this", she reflected back. "I am not really into things like that, but it was fun to learn something new". Raed, a sophomore, admitted his favorite part of the games was the problem solving. "Some parts were really hard, but it was fun to find ways around those problems". Coding was a hit with students, especially those being exposed to it for the first time. 
Generation Schools Network is supporting the further development of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses and the development of a STEM Community Engagement Team (CET). With Judith Eichmann, a Board member who works at Google, GSN is building a team of professionals who can help teachers plan exposure experiences, create opportunities for students to learn skills like JavaScript coding, and participate in internships where students work with professionals who apply these skills in their work every day. 

If you would like to be involved, please contact Christon Harris, Northeast Implementation Manager at
Generation Schools Network Partners with Colorado Schools for Peak Readiness Events

In partnership with West Generation Academy (Denver Public Schools) and Colorado's Finest High School of Choice (Englewood Schools), GSN has scheduled Peak Readiness events for the upcoming spring including Mock Interview Days and a LinkedIn Profile Building/Speed Networking Event. These events are designed to help students practice professional skills, introduce them to professionals in their fields of interest and help prepare them for college and career.

At Mock Interview Day, professional volunteers will coach students on their resumes, give advice and pose questions to help them practice for interviews. At the Networking Event professional volunteers are invited to bring business cards and info about their workplace environment and interact with students around the students LinkedIn Profile. Students will go from station to station to network and learn more about how to interact professionally while exploring different career fields. We are very excited about these upcoming events, as they have been highly successful in years past for students and professional volunteers alike.

Upcoming Events:

WGA Mock Interview Day
Wednesday, March 2 2016
Auraria Campus
900 Auraria Pkwy #105
Denver, CO

Networking Event

April 20 2016

Auraria Campus 900 Auraria Pkwy #105 Denver, CO
Interview Day

April 22 2016

Colorado's Finest High School of Choice
300 W Chenango Ave Englewood, CO

If you would like to volunteer for 1-3.5 hours at any of the events, please contact us at!
Spread the Word! Two Job Openings!

Colorado State University's Global Campus - Grant Program Coordinator

This grant funded position is responsible for managing the Teacher Quality grant for CSU-Global Campus and will interact extensively with school districts in southeast Colorado, the Santa Fe Trail BOCES, Generation Schools Network and Battelle for Kids. The position will report to the Provost at CSU-Global but will be located in La Junta, CO.

About the Grant - The grant intends to: 1) create and test the efficiency of concurrent enrollment pathway models among high schools in the SFTBOCES, 2) pilot with CSU-Global two approaches designed to increase the supply of teachers able to teach concurrent enrollment, and 3) to develop and test a brand identity for the SFTBOCES to help attract quality teacher candidates.

For more information about the CSU Global position click here!

Colorado State University Pueblo - Rural Education Project Coordinator

The Coordinator will have the opportunity to become a member of a growing, vital program in teacher education and will lead the development of partnerships with institutions of higher education, alternative teacher licensure providers, the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Generation Schools Network, Battelle for Kids, and rural school districts who are members of the SC BOCES with the aim of increasing recruitment and retention of effective teachers in rural schools. The Rural Education Project Coordinator will be responsible for developing and maintaining a network of rural education stakeholders, which will test an approach that is showing promise for creating a steady supply of rural teacher prospects that could be scaled across the state of Colorado.

For more information about the CSU Pueblo Position click  here!

Wishing you a happy holiday from everyone at Generation Schools Network and encouraging year-end gifts to help schools use time, talent and resources in unique ways to simultaneously meet the needs of students, teachers and the community.  
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