December Newsletter
Happy Holidays from everyone at Flying High 4 Haiti!

This year has been a year full of challenges and obstacles in Haiti but for FH4H it has also been a year of many achievements thanks to your support. 

The response to those affected by the earthquake that killed 2,200 people and left damaged 130,000 buildings on August 12 was overwhelming. When I visited the affected areas in Haiti my heart sank to see the level of destruction and need. I was touched by the quick response, solidarity, and generosity from the community of Miami. Among the many accomplishments related to relief efforts, we delivered 1,200 Sawyer water filters to families without access to potable water and provided tents to help classes restart at St Michel, a school with 700 students that was completely destroyed by the earthquake. We are also helping in the rebuilding of some of the homes destroyed by the earthquake.

Thanks to your support, we completed construction of the Kay Project in collaboration with Taylor Moxey Foundation, a library and art center at the school. The students at Ecole du Village are thrilled to be able to have this space to learn and express their artistic skills. The art center was dedicated to Joline Jolie who for the past 10 years was our caring and dedicated principal of Ecole du Village. Unfortunately, she passed away in July. This year we welcomed to the staff Mr. Laine, the new principal who is doing a great job to keep up the legacy of Ms. Jolie. 

Our dreams for the upcoming year are big! We would like to continue expanding the school and
build a kitchen where children can have at least one hot meal a day. Having a warm and nutritious meal will help students with their learning. We also plan on building a computer center with
solar panels so they can expand their education.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the FH4H volunteers who work behind the
scenes and dedicate long hours so FH4H can keep making an impact in the life of many. We also
want to thank everyone who helped make this year full of challenges a year full of
achievements. Nothing could have been done without your support!

Happy Holidays and the best for the New Year!

Ines Lozano 
Celebrating the Kay Project
The Kay project is open!
"The dedication of this building is a labor of love and a dream come true for the Taylor Moxey Foundation, Flying High 4 Haiti, and the students and teachers of the Ecole du Village school. Let this day serve as a reminder that anything is possible for those who aren’t afraid to follow their dreams. I am a 15 year old girl from Miami, Florida with dreams like many of you here today. Mrs. Lozano and I care so much about each one of you and this is why we joined together to build this lovely Library and Arts & Education center we call THE KAY. We would like to thank the Mayor for his support of this project. We would also like to thank every worker who took the time to work on this building everyday. Thank you again to the teachers and residents of Ile-à-Vache for allowing us to share our gifts of love with you through this building and what it represents - THE KAY PROJECT. May we all continue to enjoy reading, the arts and learning.
Taylor Moxey
Donations Received!
Labdoo Devices
This month, Labdoo gave 5 donated laptops to Ecole du Village. Labdoo is an organization that takes donated devices, repurposes them, and distributes them with educational programs. This month, the laptops have reached Ecole du Village for the teachers to use. Once again, we are very grateful to Labdoo’s Key Biscayne branch for this donation and wonderful collaboration.
ISPA Club Drive
Students at the International Studies Preparatory Academy (ISPA) in Coral Gables started a FH4H club to provide assistance to the students in Ile-a-Vache. Their first activity was an art supplies drive for the Kay Project. The drive was a success and all donated supplies are now at the Kay ready to be used by some very excited kids. We are very thankful to the ISPA-FH4H Club's enthusiasm, hard work, and generosity!
Textbooks for Ecole du Village
New textbooks have been distributed to Ecole du Village! This could not have been possible without the Rotary Club District grant. Thank you Rotary Club District!
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