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December 20, 2010                                             

From all of us at Bucks County Taste, to all of you Bucks County locavores, a very happy holiday season. Be safe, and warm, and with the ones you love,

Lynne Goldman & Mark Feffer,
Cody & Canta

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2010 - Going out for the holidays in Bucks

champagneTa-daaa! You asked for it...or rather you searched for it. I may not be Santa (not by a long shot) but I can see what folks are searching for on Google that brings them to Bucks County Taste. Apparently, not only do you want to know where to go out for Thanksgiving, but also for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

This list won't be as long as the Thanksgiving post. Not as many restaurants are open on these days. But you may find your favorite new tradition.

Local foodie gifts: Baked goods

Lavender shortbread cookiesBrrrrr. Don't want to turn the heat up so I'm sitting with a nice cup of Jasmine tea and nibbling away at a lovely Lavender Shortbread Cookie from the Bucks County Cookie Company. I had bought the little packet of cookies to give as a gift. NOT. Why did I eat it instead? Oh, I could say "research," but that would be a lie. Because, as the expression goes, it was there. And yum. Really hit the spot. I have to have another one.

All this week I'm highlighting delicious food gifts from local Bucks County businesses.
Let's start with baked goods...
  Bucks County Baskets
Not sure what to get someone, but you want it to be unique? Look no further than Bucks County. Here's a few local businesses that are putting together some pretty cool gift baskets. Look what The Kitchen Potager, UniquelyBUCKS, Pasqualina's Italian Market and other farm markets have put together...

snap to it! apronWhenever I'm cooking, I'm constantly washing and wiping my hands...and desperately looking for the dishtowel. No more! Thanks to the snap to it! apron by the Diaper Bag Wrangler I've got it all in one. This innovative apron was designed by KC Agneta, a stay-at-home mom and cancer survivor, who lives in Montgomery County.

As for cool, locally written cookbooks you need look no further than the Canal House Cooking series. These lovely, seasonal cookbooks are written and photographed by Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer in their Lambertville, New Jersey food studio.
Guest blogger Rich Baringer visited this local not-so-secret baker and took us into her tiny bakery.

J. SconesThe first thing that you notice when walking into J. Scones bakery in Doylestown is the incredible aroma. It's just how a good bakery should smell. All sorts of scents hit you - chocolate, fruit and that good old "baked goods smell." Once your knees stop wobbling and your vision clears, you notice the size of the shop. It's tiny. But it's filled with a huge assortment of goodies. Cookies of all shapes, sizes and flavors. Beautiful cakes and cupcakes. And, of course, scones.
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