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Year in Review 2019

What a year! 2019 brought us many kittens, THIRTY FOUR to be exact and only 6 who passed due to their illnesses despite the advanced medical care provided. Even with these challenges, we were incredibly successful with our remaining cases that otherwise would have been euthanized or passed on their own without the care we are able to offer the community. And YOU played a crucial role in making it happen!
Unfortunately, we did have two cats returned from previous adoptions and through the power of social media, we found them new homes! Autumn and Alex hopefully have found their final forever homes.

Currently we have 1 young adult cat available for adoption now (Angela) and a kitten named Cheery Little Bottom.
Angela is NOT a beginner’s cat. She is an independent cat who DOES enjoy lap time, and makes sure she gets plenty of it from the staff at NOVA Cat Clinic during their lunch breaks. It does take time for her to warm up to other cats but she does tolerate Autumn and Bart currently with no fighting. We took her in from another shelter that had her on their euthansia list due to a skin problem. We got that cleared up and realized maybe it wasn’t just her skin that had her on the list. Getting to know her and removing her from a stressful situation proved this girl is a charmer and now she is ready for a home of her own. She quickly became one of our favorites this year with her cattitude and quirky personality. Currently she resides as a clinic cat with the hopes that she will have a person of her own that will love her as much as we do.
Cheery Littlebottom is a delightful kitten that enjoys giving kisses and being held. She will be available at the end of January! Give us a call to schedule a visit!
2020 will bring us a NEW website for the CGMFF at
(under construction) where we will have the links to our online shop and main donation link available in one place. We have had 3 new designs this year made available for swag for you to show your support wherever you go!
Team Scratch N’ Dent (our famous #) and The Ding Dong Patrol were created by newspaper cartoonist Bob Upton in Massachusetts. Munstrum, Trombone Shorty, The Chalk, Lance, Amos and Oats grace #scratchNdent, while Hammish, Tolliver and Adora Belle with their delightfully silly personalities are in our #dingdongpatrol image. Support our kittens while spreading the message of our mission!
We also have an updated Francis! design as well. 2020 Francis! wants YOU to vote for him for POTUS! Show your support for the Feline Party and wear a great conversation starter shirt and other fun swag with one of our most famous alumni cats to date. Francis! IS Amazing!

All of our previous designs are still available and you can grab your own swag here: click here
If you would like to continue with a monetary donation, please use the following link: click here
Because of you, this year we were able to provide a kitten named Munstrum with chest surgery for a congenital heart called Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA), where the embryonic branch fails to regress and stays wrapped around the esophagus causing a stricture and esophageal damage. While surgery was successful, Munstrum had a failing esophagus that became fibrotic despite medication for esophageal motility and succumbed to his disease. We were able to provide him with several weeks knowing he was cared for, allowing him the ability to be able to play again and enjoy life. We call it a win despite the unfortunate outcome. 
Trombone Shorty, who has Manx-Tail syndrome as well as twisted legs required a special person to care for him. For three months one of Nova Cat Clinic staff members, Sarah, took him on as her first foster and learned how to care for a true special-needs cat. Not only did he require multiple medications, she kept him clean with diapers and helped him use the bathroom multiple times per day and even during the night. A family in Toronto fell in love with him online and through phone calls, and video messaging, we ultimately made the choice to send him there to live with them as they already had special need pets. While we do not ship our cats, we do have an escort for them when we do move them out of state. With the help of Jeanine Perez, a flight attendant with American Airlines, she personally escorted Trombone to his new family. Trombone captured the hearts of many and proves that no matter what you dealing with, someone wants to provide the TLC and home these cats deserve. 
Eggbert came to us from another rescue with thoughts of him having hydrocephalus. Instead he simply has a brachycephalic face (smushy face) with large eyes giving him the illusion of the disease. While he was a normal kitten for several weeks, over the course of three days he became lethargic and hind end paralysis set in. After a trip to neurology with no successful diagnosis, the veterinarians at NOVA Cat Clinic initiated treatment for meningitis as he was showing the symptoms of that disease. He began responding to treatment but was unable to walk and go to the bathroom on his own. We reached out to a friend of mine at the Veterinary Surgical Center- Rehabilitation group and was asked to bring him to them for an evaluation, and we are sure glad we did! With rehabilitation therapy, medication, acupuncture and the use of an Assisi Loop Lounge, Eggbert is learning how to walk again. If he was in the hands of someone else, his fate could have been quite different.
Not only are we doing rehab, Eggbert has become quite the traveler with Ellen who lectures all over the USA. In November he was a hit at Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp in Las Vegas, proving that veterinary care for our most vulnerable patients and complicated cases is possible! He became an honorary camp counselor for the event. We couldn't be more proud of him and how well he is doing with his recovery.

Please enjoy some photos of our other kittens that everyone fell in love with this year! Each one has a special story, but that would make this new letter a small novel. You can follow the adventures of our kittens on Instagram by following Ellen LVT @THECATLVT and @NOVACATCLINIC.

Thank you all again for the continued support and cheering for these special cats on! We cannot do our work without your generous support and we hope to continue providing advanced and high quality neonate and feline pediatric medicine in 2020! Have a very Happy New year!
With Appreciation,
Ellen Carozza LVT,
The Cat LVT
President CGMFF

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